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Adrienne and Gene in the Arts District

Adrienne and Gene wanted gritty engagement pictures and we found them on the alleys of Downtown Los Angeles. You’ll notice that Adrienne’s dress in covered with guns”¦well, Gene has six of them (guns not dresses). He competes in competitions and is an excellent marksman. Hey, whatever turns you on! Wink wink. I’m thrilled to be shooting their wedding in November at the Empress Pavilion. Maybe the wait staff can hook me up with some leftover dim sum from the afternoon rush.

  • Gene - guns and skulls, what else can you ask for besides a sexy woman by my side 😀 w00t w00t

  • Rudy - Hey Gene, you guys look really good in these pics. Maybe you should take up modeling? You could be the Korean Tom Cruise.

  • Genevieve Nisly - Very fun photos and full of personality. Thankfully you limited your shooting to a camera and not guns 🙂

  • Neriessa - Congratulations to the both of you!!! You guys make a lovely couple. Guns, skulls and Fong on a skateboard”¦very cool indeed!
    And I think Gene is more like Korean Brad Pitt than of a Tom Cruise…lol…

  • adrienne - adi you are amazing! thank you so much, i can’t stop looking at them. i cannot wait for the wedding day!

  • Jen - LOVE LOVE LOVE adri biting gene’s ear 😉

  • Elite - you guys look so cool and with lots of attitude in those pics… i love the last kissing one where Gene was being “pushed” to the wall by Adrienne… it is sexy and captured the passion of them perfectly 🙂 yes… like Rudy, i think Gene & Adrienne should think about becoming models… LOL… those photos make me think of magazine featured shoots 🙂 awesome~!

  • jackie - You guy’s look amazing!

  • Aaron - Awesome pics! Where’s the one with Adrienne riding the skateboard?

  • Gene - i want to know where’s the pic of my guns 😛


  • Cathy - Dude – looks like a Korean 007! Look at those guns

  • angel swanson - love these!!! the 2nd and last ones are my faves. 😀

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