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Backyard “Impressions”

As some of you know, Cat and I just moved into a new house/studio. For the past week, my life has consisted of my usual obsessive devotion to my computer and my work, as well dodging and weaving around the newly erected box city that is currently substituting for a home. Work and unpacking…that’s about it. So, Cat says to me last night, “You should get out more. Maybe take some pictures for fun. You know, an art project.” Of course I responded that I had too much work to do.

I never thought that I would be that guy who works and works and works, and then works some more. So, today, in an effort to not be that guy, I took a few moments and stepped outside my office…

…and got a far as my backyard. My new backyard. With my amazing new garden. Here are some of my first “impressions.”

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