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Backyard “Impressions”

4:40 PM
As some of you know, Cat and I just moved into a new home/studio. For the past week, my life has consisted of the usual devotion to our Next Exit clients, as well as dodging and weaving around the “box city” that currently “is” our home.
So, Cat says to me last night, “You should get out more. Maybe take some pictures for fun. You know, an art project.”
So, today, I took a few moments and stepped outside my office and got a far as my backyard. My new backyard. With my amazing new garden. Here are some of my first “impressions.”

  • Becky - We get the impression that you guys have a rockin’ new house and awesome backyard!

    Thanks for having us over.

    We Love You,
    Becks & Greg

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