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Elena and Jeff | Saddlerock Ranch Weddings | Malibu Wedding Photographer

Elena and Jeff were a third generation client. We shot Jean and Michael’s wedding at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas a few years ago and then photographed Jean’s maid of honor’s other BFF’s wedding, Zarin and Ryan, at the same location. THEN, those guys referred us to Elena and Jeff, and well, that too was a match made in heaven. The Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu is a perfect wedding location in Southern California. Beth? We love you. Vineyards and old oak trees and twinkle lights and perfect weather. Then, to top it off, there are zebras and llamas and buffalo in residence, just to name a few. Elena was so kind to offer one of the camels a snack from her bouquet. The wedding all in all was perfect. With a couple like these two, Adi and I didn’t have to work very hard. (I said we didn’t have to, that doesn’t mean we didn’t) We just jived so well with Elena and Jeff and could have kept snapping for days and weeks on end. The combo Jewish/Apache wedding ceremony was something that we had never seen and it completely blew our minds. There was not a dry eye in the house. The party was off the hook and the dance floor was crammed with friends and family all night long. xoxo

Wine: Semler Wines
Baker:  Susie Cakes
Caterer: Good Gracious
Florist: The Conservatory
Make-up Artist: Leah Christiansen
DJ: Mobile Disc Music, Damon Tedesco
Rentals: Smart Party

  • Amber - I love these pictures so much that I didn’t want them to end! I want more, more, more. Please?

  • Natasha - OMG this is GORGEOUS! I loove the yellow frame images, they look awesome! I think it’s my favorite wedding by you guys!!!

  • Kristina - Cat and Adi: I love these! What a beautiful wedding and such a lovely couple. Congratulations!

  • Emi - You guys I LOVE the emotion you captured in this wedding…awesome work. Oh and I’m a huge fan of the yellow “National Geographic” looking sign 🙂

  • Mom Renee Siragusa - Hey you guys, I was just looking over the wedding pix on the website that Jamie and Brent emailed over with their pix and noticed these fab fotos…I had to look at the whole series and it is now almost 2A.M. They are truly delightful…I feel as if I know Elena and Jeff and have shared their fun and happy event. What a great wedding they had..And what fantastic memories you have made for them to have forever…I am so looking forward to the beautiful pictures we will have from our children’s wedding…I know it is not until the end of May, but I also know that time goes by fater than we can imagine, especially as you get older..You see time go by in your children, as I am sure you two are beginning to realize as your adorable little one is getting a bit older every month..Enjoy each day, it goes faster than you realize…And keep taking those pictures…..Yours is a wonderful profession…

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