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Frame City!

Next Exit Photography started selling custom wedding and portrait framing about two months ago, and ever since, it’s like we moved into Frame City!
Our clients are just loving them. They are simply stunning. I want a few with our own wedding photos, too! (finally”¦it’s only been four years!)
We offer several different “looks,” many of which are hand painted in Italy. Others are simple and understated. The quality is unbeatable. Of course, you can order a loose print from us and schlep all over town trying to find different products (which I know can be done) but why???
We’ll do all the work for you and the final product will hang magnificently in your home.
A wise man once told me, “Cat, tell your clients not to think of framing as part of the wedding budget, rather, their home decor budget!” I love it, and it’s so true.
Think about getting one for your honey for the holidays. They are just around the corner! Or, for our past clients checking the blog, how about your anniversary?
BTW, that is a photo of Simone checking out a few of our client’s orders. She was over yesterday choosing her wedding photos for her Leather Craftsmen Album! (love ya, S)

  • Rosie - I have Sandra and Oscar’s frame sitting in my couch right now ready to be displayed Saturday at their wedding. It is beautiful!!!

  • Christa - Can’t wait to see our beauty!!! 🙂

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