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Fundraise at Next Exit!

I met Cynthia Vuong at a recent Next Exit wedding and we got to talking. Adi and I are always interested in community fundraising efforts so we invited the entire Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA to help them fundraise here at the Next Exit Studio! We started with a few board members to go “Tyra” in our space and we’re hoping to get all 200 graduates in here next week! A portion of all of the funds will be donated to their club.
If you belong to a club or charity that needs to raise money (whether it be a senior class in high school going on a trip, a swim team, a drama club or a school orchestra, you name it!) Let Next Exit help you raise the cash by getting your photos snapped!! Your families will all want to buy (trust me) and it’s as easy as that.There is no fee or any financial commitment. Just a commitment to have fun!!

Just contact us at the Next Exit Studio for more information.

  • Cynthia - These pictures are sooooo cute! It’s a great fundraising idea!!

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