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Janette and Jordon at UCLA

Janette and Jordon are one of our many 2007 power couples. They are totally adorable and sweet! And, did I mention smart? A lawyer and a doctor, amazing.
Adi and I loved shooting their engagement session on at UCLA. Adi grew up in Westwood, and as a child, rode his bike all over the exquisite campus. His Trojanness shouldn’t ever offend anybody, seriously. And, I might add, that I went to UCLA for 4 quarters back in the day. I was an uber nerd and did summer school every year beginning in the 10th grade all the way through senior year of college.
We are really looking forward to this wedding in Pasadena this June.

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  • angel swanson - they are a beautiful pair! i can’t wait to work with you two on this wedding… it’s coming up quickly! 😀

  • Christa - What an adorable couple and I love these pics…. yet again… wishing I found you guys earlier and got some awesome epics along with the amazing wedding pics… xoxo

  • Janette - Cat and Adi – We love the pics! It was so much fun hanging out with you guys that day. Can’t wait until the wedding!

  • sandra - you guys look great!! did it feel like paparazzi was following you? just one more month!!! omg

  • kathy - beautiful!! the pictures came out awesome…i never realized UCLA was so nice….can’t wait to see you guys on the big day!!

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