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Joyce and Brian Unleashed

Joyce and Brian warmed up like butter on toast. At first, their shyness was just like most, but with just a few minutes of practice they were posing like they were long time naturals. I can’t explain how it happens, it just works that way. That’s why it is so much better to have that “breaking in” period at the engagement session instead of on the wedding day. I can’t wait to shoot these new naturals on their wedding day this October at the Glendale Hilton.




  • joyce - wow how did this happen? i remember being soo stiff during the shoot? love it! thanks guys

  • Brian - All I can say is WOW! The pictures are perfect. We had so much fun during the shoot! You guys are the best! Thanks!

  • Kathy - What wonderful photos of an equally wonderful couple! The brick wall and b&w pics are your money shots! Love them to pieces. These needs to go on exhibit during the wedding!

  • Jo Ann - These shots are made for wedding magazines! They look so natural, not all stiff! Needless to say, you two look soo good together, enhanced so much better in pics taken by a skilled photographer. They did a very good job here 🙂

  • Nicky - That picture wall is awesome. I love these!

  • joyce - just so everyone knows, we had to climb that high rust colored solid wall (pic # 8). i was looking up at the clouds, begging god for mercy for all my sins…in the event we fall… haha trully worth the risk!

  • Allan - One word: AWESOME PERFECT BEAUTIFUL !!

  • jen - these picutres speak volumes about your wonderful personalities. great job guys.

  • Awu Apopoy - I can feel the happiness they feel for one another.
    Almost moved me to tears and its not even the wedding pictures yet. I could just imagine how the father of the bride-to-be feels.


  • Stephanie Williams - I can’t wait to shoot in some of those alleyways. So fun! Awesome work!

  • Angela - BEAUTIFUL, you guys! Nice work! 🙂
    Ganda nung wall 🙂


  • Bunsoy - mahn… i dont know why im posting now… but… i… love…it… can wait till the wedding photos are done… COME ON!!!! WHERE ARE THE WEDDING PICTURES!!! IM GETTING ALL TINGLY WAITING FOR’M

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