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Melissa and Evan

Before I tell you all about this wedding, I should mention that the person who found me online, searching blindly through the vast web for the perfect wedding photographer for her daughter, was none other than Melissa’s mom in far away Eastern Canada! Thanks, Mom, I owe you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m hoping that all of the gorgeous bridesmaids will now bring me across the border to shoot their weddings, because there had to be something in the water in the tiny town that they grew up in, cause I want some of it!
We started off the day at the Grafton Hotel and then headed over to the couple’s suite at the Standard. We even crashed the Sky Bar (until we got kicked out). We hit the House of Blues and Pink Dot for some killer fashion magazine style wedding photography on the gritty streets of Hollywood. We then limoed to Topanga State Beach for a quick and casual wedding. I was on the sand about 3 feet away from the couple for the entire ceremony because all of the guests were crowded around the chuppah to get the best view. It was amazing. I couldn’t figure out if I was getting splashed by all the flowing tears around me or the mist in the air.
Then, back to the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hyatt for an amazing dinner reception at The Restaurant. This was an intimate wedding of the closest of friends and family and I was truly honored to be a part of their day.
Evan can now stop emailing me every day to find out the status of his wedding pics, right? ๐Ÿ™‚
Make sure to check out their e-pics if you haven’t already seen them!

there’s a whole lot more to see….

  • Evan and Melissa - Ok, so how awesome is our photographer? I mean we’re pretty good looking, but she made us look amazing! ok ok, cat I think the photos are incredible and I can’t wait to see more… but… I will NOT stop emailing you until I see everything! hahaha… you’re the bomb, we love the pics. keep em comin. Love, Evan and Melissa

  • Erika - Wow,was I right or was I right!! I knew they would be amazing! Cat, you did a beautiful job of capturing the feeling of the day. You captured the energy,love and all the emotions in the images.Thank you so much for your hard work and patience with the huge wedding party…you certainly were up for the challenge!Looking forward to seeing all of them…

  • angel swanson - LOVE the 3rd and 4th pics, as well as the one in front of the little red wall. looks like it was an awesome time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kristl - Wow, I was very upset that I could not make it to your wedding, however, looking at these pictures makes it feel like I was there with you, seeing the same things the other guests did, I have never seen so many great pictures that truly captured so many great moments. I LOVE THEM!!! You look so so happy Evan and Melissa, Luv Ya!

  • Jen - Us Canucks are crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE the bed shot. You guys rock.

  • Trista - These are soooo fun!! Love the group shots!!

  • Harvis Kramer - GREAT PICTURES, so pissed I missed the wedding. But seriously coming from someone in the photo biz who sees wedding photos all day long this guy did an amazing job for you guys.


  • Blair & Tracy Korschun - Awesome wedding and great pictures. Here’s to seeing Evan and Melissa many many times in the future with many more great pictures to come of the happy new couple.

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