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Congratulations to Nina and Cash!! Griffin Ready was born on Saturday, March 18 at 9:02 AM, weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces. Adi photographed Nina and Cash’s wedding at the Lobster Restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier in July 2003. They have since become two of our closest friends and I am so excited to be shooting Griffin’s baby pictures in our new studio when they visit us in May! Here is one of their wedding pics and also a pic of GRD that Nina sent me of her perfectly adorable new son.

P.S. If you are a Next Exit client with fabulous news to share, please send me a e-mail so that I can announce it on our blog!

Okay, not really. But, we would if we could!
Could this be any cooler? Adi and I, your favorite Los Angeles wedding photojournalists, have come to life as South Park cartoon characters! To bad they didn’t have any camera or light meter icons on the website…

You can be one, too!

Davi and Jim booked us for our first wedding of the 2006 season. What a way to kick off the year! They could not be a nicer couple. In the days leading up to the big day, we all checked a billion times and it read 100% chance of showers all day. We left West L.A. at about 7 a.m. for our 70-mile drive in the showers that were promised. As we pulled up to shoot the getting ready pics at the Aliso Creek Inn in Laguna Beach, California, the rain instantly stopped, the sky grew beautiful white puffy clouds and Adi and I knew it would be a perfect day.
Davi and Jim decided to see each other before the ceremony to take all of their family, bridal party and romantic pics. It is a favorite moment of ours when the couple lights up at first site. One my favorite pics that Adi took shown below is the two of them in front of their rooms, separated by the patio wall, just seconds before they met in the middle for the big reveal. Amazing.
The day continued at Tivoli Too, also in Laguna Beach, for the beautiful ceremony (with a Filipino/Jewish twist) and fabulous reception. It is clear to Adi and I when a couple is truly meant for one another. Davi and Jim are the perfect example.

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What a week! We closed escrow on our new West Los Angeles home and fabulous new photography studio last Tuesday and then, the very next day, we jumped onto a plane to shoot Addy and Lou’s wedding in Ixtapa, Mexico!
We returned three days ago and spent 48 hours packing up our old house and moving into our new pad.
Today was an amazing day. Adi and I had our first meeting ever at the new “next exit studio” and booked an incredible wedding with an amazing couple, Karen and Ken. Karen and I have been corresponding for weeks now, but because of our crazy schedules of late, this morning was our first chance to get together. Thankfully, they weren’t offended to be surrounded by a pool of our moving boxes. And, what an honor to be hired by them after interviewing more than a dozen photographers before us! The four of us had a blast talking about their wedding plans. Can’t wait to shoot it in April ’07!

new house

New House

New Studio

New Next Exit Photography Studio

I was told by several friends that the new Getty Villa was “sold out” until June 06. I did some extensive internet hunting and heard a rumor that the Getty releases a few extra sneaky tickets every now and again on their website. I checked it for two weeks straight, every day and night, until BINGO! I hit the jackpot. What a perfect way to surprise my mom on her birthday with the golden tickets to the perfectly restored Malibu sea-view museum. The last time we were there together was when she chaperoned my second grade field trip! We were in total “zen mode” admiring the gleaming statues, down through the budding blooms and manicured lawns overlooking the Pacific Coast.

Isn’t my mother beautiful?

I was so honored when the Editor-in-Chief of Brideworld Magazine, Holly Lefevre, asked me to shoot the headshot for the book jacket for her second book on wedding planning getting published this year! Her first book, How to “I Do”: Planning The Ultimate Wedding In Six Weekends Or Less, was a great hit! The image that she chose from our shoot will also be used as her main headshot in future issues of her magazine and on other promo materials.
We have quite a bit in common as we both worked as workaholic wedding planners in SoCal for several years.  She now runs Brideworld Magazine, a very successful undertaking, from her home in NoCal where she lives with her family. I can’t wait to do the upcoming cover of the mag (she just asked me to shoot it!) How amazing is that!?

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