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Congrats to one of my dearest and most creative friends, Brandee (on the left of me), for her successful role as Art Director of the Oscar winning film, “Crash.” I remember she made it soon after our wedding almost 4 years ago! When I saw the movie last year in the theater, I stood up and screamed when I saw her name on the screen (I always do that when I know somebody who gets a credit) and the audience must have thought I was crazy! She is currently working as Art Director on the hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” and I barley ever get to see her anymore because of it.

Adi showed off his culinary skills on Wednesday night to our good friends, Jen and Nate, from B&G Photography. Adi and I soon learned after starting Next Exit Photography four years ago that there is a massive social photographers network in our community. We have made such phenomenal friends. The convenient part is, they can’t go out on weekends either!!
Adi and I will be moving into our new space in the next few weeks, so this dinner party will probably be our last in our fabulous, cozy bungalow called home.

***Can you see half of “Fat” in the bottom left corner?

Adi and I were invited to a photographers gathering at the home of wedding photographer, Jules Bianchi. She truly does beautiful work! Adi was at his last session of cooking school (he’s such a great chef!) so I carpooled with other Westside photogs. It was an incredible forum, where 15 local wedding and portrait photographers shared our stories and marketing strategies.
Ira Gershoff, Director of Sales at Leather Craftsmen, did a phenomenal presentation on his new album covers.

  • Jules Bianchi - THANK YOU for coming! I’m so glad we’re friends!!

After many months and painful phone bills negotiating with Mexican hoteliers and foreign priests, Addy and Lou signed their contract to get married at Parroquia de Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Zihuatanejo and Las Brisas Resort in Ixtapa, Mexico. For those of you who know our love for foreign soil, you can imagine our excitement when they hired us to shoot their wedding and fly us across the border!
This week, we spent some incredible time getting to know them during their engagement session at The Greystone Mansion and Park in Beverly Hills. Prior to the session, Addy and Lou both admitted that they were nervous about being in front of the camera. I think they look so natural and at ease. Must have been all that Tequila!

  • Katie ( Aug 4) - Loving the blogging! What a great idea. Craig and I are so very excited to have you (Cat) as our photographer! Love these pics and can’t wait to see more!

Adi and I have such exciting news to share. Brideworld Magazine has published two of our 2005 weddings as full-page features! Next Exit Photography clients, Nicole & Vince at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel and Sarah & Shawn at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, were chosen over what I can only imagine to be hundreds of submissions. Not only that, but Next Exit were the only photographers who had two weddings printed in this issue. What an honor! Thank you, to Brideworld Editor-in-Chief, Holly Lefevre, who also chose 7 of our clients’ cake shots for their feature, “Sweet Celebration.”

  • Heesyun - Congratulations Cat & Adi!!! I’m so happy for you guys! Beautiful work!!!

  • Michelle - Cat and Adi-
    Wow. What an accomplishment!!! You guys deserve it, as your work is incredible. JD and I are so happy to have you with us on our big day:-)

My bride-to-be girlfriend, Denessa, visited today with her new 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy, Ruby Tuesday. Adi and I couldn’t get enough of her! The Rubster was so well behaved, we let her run around our backyard for hours! Fat and Mini weren’t too happy with all the attention that we showered on her. Adi wants a dog so badly. I say two words. Pooper. Scooper.

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