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Angela and Steve are the perfect couple. She’s in Medical School (just started this week!) and he’s in seminary school. They are so kind and thoughtful and it was no surprise to me that they had a gazillions friends celebrating with them at their TWO wedding day parties. We kicked off the day at their beautiful ceremony at the stunning New Life Community Church in Artesia. There must have been 500 peeps in the house and every seat was taken. Many of the guests were congregants and so the couple threw them a party with Korean yumminess and all the kimchi you could eat in the activity center next door. There were toasts and games and a beautiful slide show. Then, we headed off to party number two at The Historic Imperial Ballroom in Fullerton where there were only 4 people over the age of 30. (the couple’s parents!) Again, we played games and ate and danced and had a perfect wedding day. Congrats you guys!!

  • Anna Kim - Great job Next Exit team!!

  • Angela - Cat, these pictures are fabulous!! I can’t wait to see the rest of ’em. And FYI…the guest count ended up being over 600. How insane is that! Thanks for these beautiful pictures. J’adore. 🙂

  • Kat Forsyth - Beautiful shots of a beautiful wedding! I love the train track ones.

  • alisa - the pictures were awesome!!!!!

  • Kristin @ The Treasured Petal - what gorgeous images- great job! i know like half the bridal party from my old church in Berkeley 😉 angela is a wonderful girl and a beautiful bride, and it’s good to see her big smile again!

  • Cat - Thanks, Kristin. I love your work. We are big fans.

  • CJ - Love the pics!

    If they don’t mind me asking, where were these photos taken? Any wedding details would be appreciated! 🙂

  • Cat - Just outside the hotel, church and reception site! We didn’t travel far.

Adi followed Tracy and Charles through a local farmer’s market where they squeezed melons, sampled strawberries and smelled lavender oil from that sketchy rastafarian. We are so looking forward to their wedding later this month at the Redondo Beach Historic Library. Their wedding will be coordinated by the lovely Stephanie Lairson.

  • Stephanie Lairson - They are such a beautiful couple!! What beautiful images! I can’t wait to work with you again. It’s going to be a beautiful event 🙂

  • Stephanie Lairson - Oh wait, did I just use the word “beautiful” three times?!?! Well geez, I guess I’m just in a beautiful mood!

I felt honored and privileged to be flown out to photograph a Long Island, New York wedding. The couple’s family made me feel like part of their family. Justin’s dad is the Philippine  Ambassador, so yeah, that was pretty cool. Another cool thing? Dana found us “searching the web.” Out of the 137,768 wedding photographers in the United States, she chose us. (that number is completely made up, it’s probably 4 times that number)

D&J: You fed me bagels which is always a good thing. Your Viennese dessert hour made me cry. Never seen such a spread. We played around at the Old Westbury Gardens (where Cruel Intentions was filmed!) and dodged bad weather all day long. A storm constantly threatened to drench us but never did. HA! We laughed all day and became good friends. We’ll see you for baby portraits in New York, soon we hope.

Church:  St. Brigid’s Parish
Photos:  Old Westbury Gardens
Reception Venue: Glen Island Harbour Club
Music:  Body Rock Entertainment
Florist:  Diana Gould, Ltd.
Bride and Bridesmaid’s Dress:  Amsale
Bride’s Veil:  Kenneth Poole
Shoes:  Gucci
Groom and Groomsmen:  Calvin Klein
Rings:  H.L. Gross
Hair/Makeup:  NuBest Salon & Spa
Wedding Favors: Crate & Barrel

Dana wrote this part.
“And last but not least…..and I want this all included…..
Next Exit Photography:
The fabulous Adi who works his magic and makes everyone he photographs look the best they ever will and makes everyone feel like the coolest person in the world. The stupendous Cat, whose fabulous personality and organizational skills kept us all in check from beginning to end! 🙂 ”

  • Rose Conroy - I promised Dana that I would not cry on her wedding day,but as I gaze upon these photographs, tears of joy spring to my eyes. They are truly a work of art. Justin and Dana’s wedding day has been so beautifully captured as a wonderfully orchestrated play, a classical piece that will never go out of style..right before our very eyes that wonderous moment in time appears again in your photography. A masterpiece!

  • scott neumyer - GORGEOUS. Love the shot of the two boys playing their DS. Like they snuck off to their own little world. Great stuff!

  • D'Souza - The pictures are so beautiful.wonderful the shot of the food stuff on the table.

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