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So, I have to admit something. Adi and I were graciously sponsored by three of our New York couples to fly out and shoot their engagement sessions last month.
We DID make a mini holiday out of it (Clara especially loved the pizza and the Natural History Museum) and had a grand ole time with my brother and FUTURE sister-in-law, who live in the Village. (Still looking for a photographer, anybody know one?)
This is the fourth shoot of the journey and this is how we met Kate & Len (who I am pretty sure I called Glen for the entire shoot on that very rainy day in Soho.)

Adi, Clara and I chatted up a table of adorable New Yaaaukers at dinner one night and the convo went something like this (very condensed for your reading pleasure)….

Them, “What a cute baby!”
Us, “Thanks! She’s still on Los Angeles time, hence the awakeness at 11 pm New York time.”
Them, “Oh! That’s awesome, are you here for pleasure or work?”
Us, “We’re here for both. We’re photographers and shooting a bunch of engagement sessions.”
Them, “Oh! We just got married in Mexico a couple of months ago.”
Me (Adi wouldn’t dare), “Does you dress still fit?”
Them, “Um, I think so?”
Us, “Let us shoot you tomorrow!”
Them, “OKAY!”

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  • johnwaire | photo - B&W thru the handrails is my favorite!!!

  • Judy - Ohhh so jealous. Love these NYC shots. I love the one where he is dipping her and you can see the Yellow Cab in the background. You’ve caught the essence on NYC.

  • Yuka photo art - Beautiful “after wedding” session! Her dress is just wow!
    And location….love it!

  • Alice Hu - These are awesome! Loved the story too.

  • Carolina - OMG these pictures are STUNNING!!! I love to check out your blog. You always have amazing stuff 🙂

  • NY - What a cute couple…the PLAY shot is very New York. Glad you enjoyed the city so much to see…so little time 🙂

  • Cat - Thanks so much! I had a blast shooting it!! xoxo cat

Erin and Hamilton were a dream to work with. You see, besides being unbelievably kind and sweet, they sure know how to work the camera as they have both spent the better part of their lives in front of it (big screen and small).
Their wedding was intimate and classy and the 18 person guest list was made up of immediate family only, the minister and his wife and their good friend and fellow actriccce, Rusty, who introduced the couple.
The ceremony was right there, on the public beach in front of the newly redone Malibu Beach Inn, followed by a scrumptious dinner on the lovely terrace of the hotel.
(Adi and I got the royal dinner treatment and I have to say, it was one of the best ever vendor, but non-vendor meals, I have eaten in 8 years of shooting weddings).

Thanks you guys, for letting Adi and I spend this amazing day with you and your incredible families. Hope to see you soon in Brentwood Village!
And, thanks to the world’s greatest hairdresser (and former Next Exit Photography bride) Katie Grasso Fiacco, at Forme Salon in Santa Monica. for referring us! Look her up if you are in need of a snip!

Sand Dollar Place Cards and Calligraphy, our friend, Laura Hooper!
Wedding Dress ShareenVintage
Florist Maggie Jenson Design
Hair Patti Williams, The “I Do” Doo
Makeup Mark Payne

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  • Shannon Lelli - The pictures are amazing, you guys are the world’s best photographers. You captured every detail, giving everyone amazing memories of the beautiful day!!

  • Laura Hooper - LOVE the photo of them holding up their sanddollars! That is really fun. I’m going to post these tomorrow. I am sure they’ll go up after that on WB.

  • Stacey Derstine-Wyble - These photos should be in a magazine. Absolutely stunning and unique. What a treasure these pictures will be for Erin and Ham!

  • susan T - Cat and Adi,
    thank-you so much for amazing talent…you both are such a special team and I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family as He has blessed ours….
    much love to you both and thank-you for capturing so many of the special moments….you both are truly the best!!!

  • Bernadette Derry - Hi Erin,

    Love your wedding pictures.Congratulations

  • Coggie - Gorgeous photography.

  • Catherine Hickland - Oh Erin!
    What a beautiful bride you are! I am so happy for you, you both look so radiant with Joy! May your lives together be blessed in every way. God Bless your Home, Your finances, your careers, and most of all, your love for each other!
    In Jesus NAME!
    Hallelujah, and AMEN!
    You are loved!

  • Sandra/NYC - Love hard and remember have compassion for each other.

  • Yuka photo art - Beautiful couple!!!!! I love her dress….untraditional and romantic! Cute kids….you did wonderful photography!

  • Roxanne M - What a beautiful bride Erin was! My best wishes for a happy and healthly life together.

  • T - I am a big fan of Erin’s and I am so glad she shared her memories with her fans.

    Congratulations and here’s to many happily married years together!

  • Jennifer D'Allessandro - Bellissima! Congratulations Erin and Ham! What a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony! Clearly God and his angels were smiling down on both of you that day. I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer.

  • CIndy - Looking at these picture is seeing Love.

  • Jane Arnold - I just wanted to say Congrats. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. The photos are exquisite.

    What a superb day. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  • Karen - I just loved seeing this!!! what a beautiful wedding that jessica had!!! loveeeeeed it so much. so down to earth, so simple but yet beautiful. congrads to you both!!!! miss ya on the show.

  • Maureen Mahoney - What a beautiful ceremony, amazing pictures….this day was captured in such a beautiful and intimate way, I have never seen anything so exquisite. Erin, I watched you on the soaps and am so happy you found your Prince Charming and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

    Stunning pictures representing the love you two feel…I hope your happiness lasts a lifetime!!!!

    Thanks for sharing….I feel like I was right there…

  • Terri W. - I have been such a huge fan of Erin’s from the day of her debut on OLTL and it makes me SO happy to see HER so happy with her new, handsome husband! The pictures are absolutely stunning! 🙂 Congratulations, you two!

  • Heather Jenkins - Beautiful pictures!! Best wishes to you in the future. I watched Erin grow up on One Life To Live. You’ve turned into a beautiful person. I miss you on there.

  • Donna - Erin, your wedding pictures are beautiful! I wish you and your husband many years of love and happiness. I miss you on One Life to Live and wish you would come back but good luck in all your future jobs…

  • Beth Mueller - Congratulations to the new couple. You both look beautiful. Erin, I have watched you grow from an adorable little girl into the beautiful woman that you have become.
    Remember, don’t ever go to bed angry, love with all your heart and always communicate. Love to both of you…

  • Lena - Hi Girl, you will always be the star that you are. Jessie/Erin you will always have a place in my heart.
    Congratulations on your wedding.
    Hope some day you can get back to TV . Have A beautiful Life
    Lena Nuvo

  • Josephine - What a thrill to see you so happy. You are both so radiant in the pictures. Erin, I watched you growing up on TV as Jessica and was very unhappy about your departure, but I am sure you went on to better things. Congratulations and may your lives together be filled with Happiness, Health, Joy, Prosperity and Love.
    Best Wishes always,

Dana and Justin are the perfect Next Exit couple. After finding us by searching online, (we love you, Google) they decided sight unseen, we need to fly Adi out to our New York wedding this summer so he can rock it. Guys, I am all too happy to oblige. Dana has a sense of humor right up my alley. She immediately put me at ease. (Hey, isn’t that my job?) Justin was all chill with his amazing yellow shoes. All I can say is, I must own them. Justin, give me your shoes. I loved our session in Central Park last week.

I’m especially looking forward to shooting at the Old Westbury Gardens (the mansion from Cruel Intentions!) which the couple reserved for picture taking after the ceremony.

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  • Ed - Are You In? or Are You Out? Awesome photo shoot!

Karina and JV are one of Next Exit Photography’s two East Coast weddings this summer. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I believe that Karina’s friend is a cousin of Cheryl. Or maybe, Karina’s cousin is a friend of Cheryl? xoxo to ALL of the Gallagher Girls, no matter who gets credit for the referral.
But either way, Karina just had to have some Next Exit love at her New Jersey wedding!
I met the adorable pair in front of our New York City hotel (the W on Lex and 49th, yummers) and we scrambled down to the Meat Packing District during rush hour. (Meanwhile, Adi was shooting Dana and Justin in Central Park… stay tuned for bloggers)
We had such a ball roaming the streets. These two were serious photog rockstars. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in August!
A special thanks to Banchet Flowers, the coolest flower shop in Manhattan, for whipping up a gorgeous pink rose bouquet for us to play with at the shoot.
Karina couldn’t find a cab to get to the hotel, so she arrived in style in THIS.

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  • eleanor - looove these pics!! when will u post the wedding shots cat? by the way, i never got to see your backstreet boys photos. – eleanor (i was one of the bridesmaids).

  • Cat - HI, Eleanor!! The blog should be up in about 2 more weeks. Very busy summer! 4 more ahead of K&JV. =)

  • eleanor - ok cool! can’t wait. r u gonna post the BSB pics? lol! can u tell im a boy band groupie?

  • Cat - nah, just twitter fun. check em out at @catnextexit

Maya and Dan spent the afternoon with us in Central Park in New York City last week. Their wedding actually takes place later this month at Maya’s mom’s stunning home in Brentwood, but they live happily on the Upper Wesssside in Manhattan.

I am especially excited to photograph Maya’s wedding because we grew up together! Our moms are very good friends and we spent all of the holidays together as youngins. While in NYC, we were so lucky to have a personal tour of the International Center of Photography (ICP) by Maya, a curator at the museum.

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I have to admit that shooting at The Natural History Museum in Downtown Los Angeles was Elena’s brain child. What I would do with them when we got there was totally up to me. Elena and Jeff were about as game (pun intended) as any Next Exit couple have ever been. For those who know me, that’s my kind of couple. Their craziness kind of speaks for itself. After the dead stuffed animal part of the shoot, we went outside to the Rose Garden and a bit of fun in the sun. As you can see, these two don’t need taxidermy to have a good time. Thanks to One&Only Palmilla clients extraordinaire, Zarin and Ryan, we will be photographing THIS wedding at the always fabulous Saddlerock Ranch this July.

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  • Zarin Jaffe - These shots are great! elena and jeff are adorable!

  • johnwaire | photo - love the shots were elena is wearing the hat! awesome session.

  • Darbi G - I absolutely love this session. I can’t get enough of it…the personality! The mastery of lighting. My faves are #8 and #10. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Dennis Bullock - What a session!

  • Ellen - Loved the pictures!! Love Jeff and Elena!!!

  • Cody - What a gorgeous couple and alot of fun too! great locations!!

  • Katy Regnier - these are all unbelievably fabulous, amazing job! the museum was a great idea!

  • Amelia Tabullo - Always been a fan of your work, not remotely engaged however you are def. my #1 photographer that I must call whenever I am. Just needed to tell you this is by far my favorite session. Love the natural history museum.

  • Cat - Wow, thanks Amelia!! We’ll be waiting for you!

  • Muriel - I love the idea of shooting at a natural history museum! I wondered what sort of lighting you used for those shots? I assume you had to get a permit too?

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