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Bonnie and Doug are so adorable. They were totally game to explore downtown Pasadena in order to get the very best shots. They are getting married next month at one of our favorite locations ever, the Viceroy in Palm Springs! I know that their wedding is so going to rock because they both work in the event industry and know all the right peeps. Bonnie is the Senior Director of Special Events for Patina Restaurant Group and Doug is the Regional Manager for Border Grill and Ciudad! Holy smokes, batman, these kids know how to party!

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  • - I love her green dress — green is my favorite!!!

How can I express my excitement when Jaymi and Kerri officially hired me to shoot their wedding. Yes, it was the lesbian event of the year. And, it happened to be on the same day as those other lesbians wedding, you know… Ellen and Portia?
Well, this wedding was the place to be. No helicopters, no paparazzi… just family, friends and a whole lotta love.
J&K, your friends said it best… that they were the lucky ones to have you in their lives. You are such good women.
When the couple got engaged and started planning, gay marriage was not yet legal in the State of California. As luck was on their side, just a few weeks before the big day, they found out that the whole thing would be legit. Score!

And, they had some amazing vendors to boot.
Temescal Gateway Park
The Kitchen for Exploring Food
Dots Cupcakes
Century City Flower Market
Feet First Entertainment
Technical Event Partners
Bravo Strings

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  • Matt Radlinski - They look so happy together! Great job, Cat.

  • Aubrey and Josh - I adore the photo of the two brides doing the speech in front at their reception. It’s so beautiful, it makes me want to have another wedding!

When Valerie and Jason said they wanted something different for their engagement pictures, I knew I was in for a good time. They wanted to do Hollywood Blvd at sunset. “Bright Lights. Big City.” the email read. For those who know the area at sunset time in the summer, you also know it’s chaos. The place is a tourist madhouse. And, the sun reflects off the the super, shiny Walk of Fame sidewalks and blinds just about everyone. I like a good challenge; you know that I will shoot just about anywhere at any time..
I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a couple of weeks at the rockin Viceroy in Santa Monica!

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  • sabrina - WOW!
    amazing! beautiful work!

  • Jessica Lynn - these pictures are sooooo awesome! my favorite is the first one!

Lynnea and Jeremy are one of our nicest couples. They are so cute, I could just pinch their cheeks! Adi shot this gorgeous wedding ceremony (officiated by Jeremy’s dad!) at the First Methodist Church of Orange. I bet he just loves being called the son of a preacher man! Then, they headed off to one of our favorite stomping grounds, Rancho Las Lomas. I heard through the grapevine that J pursued L for many, many years until she finally agreed to go out with him. Gotta love the persistence.
Caterer: Craig’s on the Table
Videography: Ashley Video
Florist: Flowers, Etc. – Debbie Jacobson
Disc Jockey: Peter Papadopoulos at Vive Entertainment
Cupcakes: The Confectionist
Photobooth: Partybooth
Wedding Coordinator: Heather Bazarsky – Something New Events

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  • Lynnea & Jeremy - We LOVE them! You captured the day so perfectly. Thanks again for everything. We can’t wait to share them with all our friends and family.

  • Karen Cron - It’s a good thing it’s not a crime to be incredibly good looking! You two would be in jail. Love Chris’ pic. What a great day!

  • Taylor - The pictures are awesome! That was definitely the best wedding. You guys are so cute! Love ya.

  • linda geffeney - ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Got chills, and felt “the magic” WONDERFUL!! Thanks, Linda Geffeney

  • Bo Barnett - Jeremy & Lynnea,
    The teachers at my school think you two are models. They couldn’t believe how beautiful Lynnea is and how handsome Jeremy is. I can’t wait to see all the pictures that captured such a perfect evening. Even right now, I am teary-eyed just thinking of the two of you! I love you with all my heart.
    Mom Barnett

  • Krissie Bogner - Oh my gosh Jeremy…those are the most BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures I have ever seen! And, what a beautiful bride you have. I am so glad that Madonna shared these with us. I am so proud of you and the wonderful young man you’ve become. I can’t believe that your dad married us over 16 years ago (on Richie’s birthday…the day before your parent’s anniversary)! Time flies…enjoy…I love Tom more and more every day and I hope you guys will be as blessed as we have been. Love to all…

    Tom, Krissie, Zac, and Cami Bogner

  • Marty & Missy Martin - Thank you so much for inviting us to share your most momentous day.
    Your wedding was beautiful and you are both too cute for words!
    Love to you both.

So sorry for the delay on blog entries. I have a feeling we won’t be caught up on summer engagement sessions and family portraits till Spring 2009! At least we’re blogging weddings within 6 weeks! Phew. Only 13 weddings to blog before I’m caught up!

Anywho, love these two. They are super Trojans (a common occurance at the Next Exit Studio of late) and wanted to play on the campus for their portrait session. I am so looking forward to the wedding at the Hilton Waterfront in Huntington Beach next month!!!

Adi tagged along with Clara to introduce her to his old stomping grounds. Aren’t they cute! Keep in mind I shot this one month ago, so Clara is already twice the size! (and twice as cute)

my two loves

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