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Adi was in heaven working on Trojan grounds. Yes, it’s true, he fought on for four long years. Cheryl and Mike are hard-core. Enough so that they chose to recept at their alma mater, USC, at the beautiful Town and Gown. Even the band arrived to help them celebrate in style. But first, they exchanged vows at the phenomenal new Los Angeles landmark, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The photobooth by Sassy Booths was a huge hit with the crowd and Mary Silva, wedding coordinator, kept everything moving.

P.S. Per Adi’s request, he asks that any of our clients who are getting married on a Saturday during football season to please refrain from telling him the score as he TIVOs all the games.

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Lets just start by saying Cat is amazing.
August was crazy. The studio had an insane amount of weddings, and last weekend alone, I shot 3. So knowing darn well that I needed a break, Cat decided that she was going to take me out yesterday. Yesterday morning, she tells me that I need to take a mandatory mid-afternoon nap and that I needed to be ready to leave at 6pm sharp. I had no clue as to what she had planned, but I do have experience with her “surprises.” I’m thinking, she got a baby sitter and we are going to dinner and a movie. Hey that’s cool. Sounds like a good break from work to me.
So its 6:30 and we are at dinner at a local sushi bar. Up until then she has been teasing me and inviting me to figure out what she has been up to. I say as I always do, “What time does the movie start?” In response, she hands me a couple of tickets to the Bob Dylan concert at the Santa Monica Civic Center. I had NO idea.
I love my wife. We have been together for 9 years this month and she has given me everything I could ever want, including the most amazing daughter ever.
And Bob Dylan tickets? She knows me better then I know myself.

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  • Tracy - How cool of Cat to surprise you! She is one cool wife.

  • rosie - that is awesome!!!

Noelle and Ben are the cutest couple ever! Little dog Tofu was a hit and even though Mom initially didn’t want Adi rooting around the construction site at their home during the getting ready portion of the day, Adi’s gritty intentions prevailed. The bridesmaids dresses were so killer, same style but each a different color. I love that! It certainly went well with the beautiful colors at the First United Methodist Church of Glendale, one of the snazziest churches in Southern California! The couple certainly had their work cut out for them visiting their 500 guests at the 888 Seafood Restaurant in Rosemead. At ten guests per table, you do the math! But, Adi floated through the crowd like it was nothin’. Wedding party makeup and hair by the always fabulous Sherry at On Location Beauty.

don’t try this at home… (sharkfin soup + rings = messy)

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  • Noelle and Ben - YAY! Thank you soooo much, they look GREAT! Although I look a little scary when I’m really happy. Oh well!

  • lindsey - Beautiful! Love the third one up of them on the stairs.

  • Debbie Porter - You look soooooo beautiful! What a handsome couple! Wishing you both all of the best today and always.


  • Lily Cuervo - I am so happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS! The pictures are fabulous! I LOVE the wedding party jumping for joy. 🙂 Lots of happiness to you always.

  • Sandy - I felt like I was there! The last color pix catches the Noelle I know from school. Beautiful collection of a beautiful day! Bravo!

  • susan yee - it’s lilnoljoy!! 😀 😉 CONGRATS noelle! & i spy christi too! yay! congrats congrats 🙂 <3

  • Celeste - WOW! You guys looks so freakin amaaaaazing! I’m glad to know such attractive people! 🙂

  • Hilda Cevallos - OOOOOh my goodness Noelle,

    …are you kidding me?! You look absolutely marvelous!!! Goodness! You totally irradiate, you shine… what can I say. You certainly look happy. Congratulations, Mrs. Fong 🙂

    We especially enjoyed the JUMPING pic :oD. And, oh my! what a handsome prince of a hubby you got yourself missy :o)

    We are doing great with Ms. Lang, in 2nd grade, thanks! But still call her Ms. Yung at times… we miss you but are happy we’re all still in the same family (school). You’re a wonderful teacher and a fantastic person, thank you for everything.


    The Cevallos

  • The Mar Family - What a beautiful and photogenic couple! This was the wedding of the century for our church! May you have a hundred years of marital bliss! Have lots of kids and grand kids as well, because we love babies!

  • Lisa L. - AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! That’s a great picture of Eric.. oh and you guys look great too!!! LOL. Love you both! Come visit me in NY sometime soon.


  • Becky - The pictures look great!

  • David Speck-tacular - Wow! What great photography. I am soo happy for you!

  • amy lew - sooooo beautiful…thank you for sharing the pictures,I love the one on the bridge thing…and tofu too!!!

  • Denise & Joe - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple! I teared up again just looking at your wedding pics! May God bless your future together!

  • robin wilson - Noel your pictures are beautiful!!!! Your dress was to die for!!!! Thanks for sharing them. You look very happy. What kind of dog was that in one of the photos? He was adorable! Robin Wilson

  • Jenna and Rouaida - From Jenna – I love your pictures. I like Tofu the dog not the food. Tofu is really really cute. You look very happy and beautiful.

    From Rouaida – Wow, what a beautiful wedding and what beautiful settings. The pictures are incredible and capture the feel of the wedding. There are so many good pictures it was hard to pick a favorite. We wish you all the happiness.

Shannon and Yoav had a beautiful wedding at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica. Scott Norris served as DJ and Maneeja Noory from Velvet Rope Special Events coordinated the affair. Here are a few pics from the evening. I especially loved stealing these two away after the ceremony for a few pictures down by Shutters. Their parents were so kind. And, my partner in crime, Shannon’s sis, and her adorable niece/flower girl, were a true delight.

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  • Maneeja Noory - You guys did an amazing job! These pics are great 🙂

Brush fires, traffic fatalities and the worst 405 that I have ever seen couldn’t stop these two adorable, super models from rocking their engagement session. Stefanie and Shane were immediately at ease in front of the camera and their amazing personalities and affection for each other came streaming through. I know that their wedding this October is going to yield fantastic images. I can’t wait!

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  • Stefanie - I just love them! We had so much fun and can’t wait to see more! We are looking forward to the wedding and couldn’t imagine anyone else behind the camera! Thanks Adi for a great afternoon!

I loved this wedding so much! Woke up to a super duper gloomy Los Angeles day, but the clouds parted as these two said their vows atop a mountain at the charming Rancho del Cielo in Malibu. I loved everything about this location from the getting ready room with light streaming through the windows, the stunning reception area and ceremony site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and last but not least, the hospitable owner, Jillian Palethorpe, who was welcoming and kind. (see how Allison offered to do her dishes at the end of the night!)
I loved working with Allison and Austin and their amazing families. And, how cool that so many of the bridal party were locals…Crossroads and Harvard Westlake peeps!
Florist: Petal Floral
Caterer: Truly Yours
Cake: Doughboy’s Red Velvet Cake

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  • Marilyn Scott - It was my honor and I consider myself blessed to have been there that day, your day, to witness and be a part of such a beautiful event.

    Ali and Austin, you are truly special and this is reflected in the family and friends that share your life.

    I wish you all the happiness and success in your marriage and your life together.

    Warm regards,

  • Jill Greene - Congratulations, Ali & Austin!

    This was one of the loveliest weddings we’ve had at Rancho del Cielo. The photos capture the warmth and happiness of your wonderful day perfectly. May the sun shine on you always, Best wishes, from everyone at RDC

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