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Adi and I have been really looking forward to this wedding. You see, Courtney is one of Adi’s sister Shiri’s BFFs and Shiri was one of the 14 bridesmaids in the wedding! Among the other bridesmaids were one of our favorite past brides, Michelle, and a slew of girls that Adi used to torment growing up. 😉 Yup, the bride party was a record for us”¦14+14 plus kids and the bride and groom. But we made it work!! The beautiful ceremony was held at the San Antonio Catholic Church followed by a rockin reception at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course. The food was especially delish because they brought in catering from a Lebanese restaurant! Yummmmy. Thank you guys for including us in your amazing day. We love ya!

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  • Michelle - Cat and Adi have done it again!! Great pics you guys! You look so beautiful Court!! My fav is the ice cream truck. What fun memories!!!

  • Janet Bellinger - I didn’t realize my daughter should have been a model. Seriously–great job Cat & Adi.

  • Rebecca Stone - The shoe fridge shot is pure brilliance! LOVE IT. You guys always do such an amazing job keeping things fun and fresh! Beautiful wedding. 🙂

  • lindsey - I love the shot of them about to kiss behind the tree/bush/floral thingy. So pretty!

Megan and David are soooo cute!!!! We were really looking forward to their wedding at the LMU Chapel and the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. The details were all there and it is evident that the couple invested so much time making everything their own. I love that!! The James Gang Band rocked the house! Seriously, that dance floor was packed-o-la for the duration of the night. It was really fun watching all of the guests get down. Love you guys!!!

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  • Mrs. Megan Azzi - Hi Cat & Adi! You guys are the best! We had such a good time with you at the wedding! The pictures are amazing- can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you, Thank you! 🙂 (I love the one with Dave and his Dad- so cute!)

  • Jan and Mike MacKay - Oh, my goodness!!!
    We loved the pictures. They are Fantastic!!!!
    Great Job!!!
    Love, Mike, Jan (parents of the flowergirls-hehe!
    Mary, Annie and Megan (The flowergirls)

  • Susan Schnieders - They’re FABULOUS! You’re so gorgeous! What great poses and pics. The photographers were great. What a beatiful memory you’ll have of your big day! Love, Susan

Jeanne and Erik were a total delight. We loved working with them at the Sierra Madre Congregational Church and the Rococo Room at the Cafe Santorini in Pasadena. These two were so easy to photograph and we knew that right away when we shot their engagement pictures this past January. Sorry for the delay getting this up here, guys. We’re summer slammed! Anyways, we adore these two and wish them the very best.


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  • Mel McLellan - Great job guys! LOVE that wall of wood! Beautiful! 🙂

  • Justine Ungaro - Beautiful as always! 🙂

  • Danny Ramirez - To say that these pictures are fantastic would be a gross and unjustified understatement. Although I’ve only known Erik for a little over a year, I feel as though you’ve captured the essense of Jeanne and Erik without losing focus on unnecesary details. The contrast in colors pop out and bring out a whole other side to this special day of their wedding. Cat and Adi, you trully have works of art with the pictures posted on your blog. Thank you for sharing your work!

1. I have seen over a hundred rock concerts including, but not limited to Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Van Morrison, Neil Young alone (as well as with CSNY,) Paul Simon alone (as well as Simon and Garfunkel,) Joni Mitchell, REM, Elvis Costello, the B52s, Eric Clapton, Bruce Hornsby, Chicago, 10,000 Maniacs, Little Feat, Pink Floyd, Sting, Steve Miller Band, Traffic, Dave Matthews, Phish, Blues Traveler, Dire Straits, B.B. King, Don Henley, Roger Waters, Beck, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Bjork, Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, Journey, Jethro Tull, Robert Plant, Oingo Boingo, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and I have seen the Grateful Dead over 35 times”¦so you can see what I did with my “formative” years.

2. I am a Bob Dylan junkie. I have seen him live about 4 times and own every one of his albums. I am really excited to see I’m Not There, the new experimental Bob Dylan biopic that comes out later this year. Kate Blanchett, etc playing Bob Dylan”¦how cool is that?

3. I am a closeted comic book dork. Even though I haven’t purchased a comic book in over 15 years, I get really excited when comic book movies are released. I even own stock in Marvel.

4. I was a total slacker until I met Cat. I mean I had jobs, but my view of the future didn’t really extend past 6 months. My question to you is, what was girl like her doing going out with a loser like me?

5. After I graduated college, I lived and worked in Israel for year, earning the equivalent of $4 dollars an hour. Sometimes I would get so homesick that I would blow a week’s wages on sushi. It was worth it.

6. I was really upset when they canceled Veronica Mars. So sue me.

7. I once took a 16-hour bus ride from Paris to Prague with my friend Harley. I had just read Kerouac’s “On the Road,” and I was inspired to have my own crazy road adventure. Admittedly, it wasn’t such a road adventure as his was, but Prague was amazing.

8. I taught myself how to drive (on a manual transmission) by stealing my brother’s car while he was away at college. I was only fifteen. I got pretty good, pretty quickly. That was until I broke his axel by slamming the car into the curb while attempting to do a 180 spin out in reverse. Hey, it worked all the time on the Dukes Of Hazzard!

  • Sarah - I just got tagged too! Veronica Mars gives me a whole new perspective on you. I’m intrigued. Haha!

I’ve been putting this off for more than a week since we got our first blog tag. Since then, several other buddies decided to tag us, so I thought I’d better play along before one of them gets angry and takes it back! I am a super perfectionist when it comes to these kinda things (I take myself way too seriously) so I may have to come back and edit this entry 1,000 times.

Thanks to these photographers for tagging us: Jennifer Wilson, Eight20, Trista Lerit, The Wiebners, Jerry Frazier and Stephanie Williams.

8 things you probably don’t know about me:

1: I played Annie in the second grade and was hooked ever since. In high school, I got co-starring roles because I couldn’t dance to save my life, but I did love playing Matron Mama Morton in “Chicago.” I was cast in a ton of big shows in college, and even scored a few of the leads! I wanted to pursue musical theater professionally when I got home, but at my first pro audition for “Westside Story,” I rocked the signing part but then broke into tears just minutes into the ridiculously complex dancing audition. So out of my league! I did audition for “Rent” and got called back to the second round, but shortly after that failure, I gave it up.

2: I played water polo in high school and then, when I went to college, I thought I was a big shot, so I signed up for the team. I went to a small private university in Boston (Tufts. Go, Jumbos!) and there was no women’s team. So, there were two women (myself and one other), maybe 5 in the entire league, who played with these hot hunky guys in speedos and we got to travel all over the northeast and play against the Ivy League as well as the other D3 teams like mine. Yes, it was a great way to meet boys and I could eat all that nasty cafeteria food without gaining weight!

3: I lived in Spain my junior year of college and convinced one of my professors to allow me to write two papers instead of ever going to her two classes. I went to the first lecture and never went again. I wrote the papers the night before they were due and got an A and A-. Um, okay. Pretty typical of my college experience. I went through two literature classes my freshman year without ever reading one book. (I’m not proud of this, I promise) Maybe I’ll get around to reading them one of these days.

4: I took a 2-year break right before my last semester of college. My parents were heartbroken. I worked as a waitress for a year and saved all the money I made and then took off and traveled around the world for a year on my own. It wasn’t until I met Adi that I had it in me to finish off that last semester, receiving a BA in American Studies and Spanish Literature. I still have nightmares all the time that I’m back in school and I haven’t graduated, but I have the piece of paper to prove that I did! I even went back to two and a half years of photography school in my late twenties. Man, my brain hurts.

5: Countries that I have traveled (mostly backpacked) through:
I’m not including fly-through countries in this list.
USA (duh), Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Greece
England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungry
Thailand, Laos, Vietnam

6: TV Shows I watch religiously and never miss an episode of (thanks to Tivo): Family Guy, 24, the Office, Big Brother, ER, Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Hero’s, Lost, Numb3rs, Oprah

7: I often worked as a movie extra during my summers off. You can clearly see me chanting, “Donna Martin Graduates!” in Beverly Hills, 90210.

8: I met Adi on the Internet. We were eachother’s first internet date. We both got pretty drunk and Adi serenaded me on the 3rd Street Promenade with some old bum’s karaoke machine. He was so cute. He still is.

I guess I am officially supposed to tag other photographers, but since most of them have already been tagged, I am going to tag bloggers who link to us (we love you for it!) These are the ones I know about from my web hit tracker thingy, but if you have us listed on your blogroll, please let us know about it so that we can link back to you!!!

  • Nanette - Wow! Great trivia from both of you! I had no idea you were so into theater! And I TOTALLY remember that scene from 90210! I have this shirt (and I think you need it too):

  • Justine Ungaro - Okay, I have to say that I still have nightmares about not graduating from college too. Where does that come from? Maybe from being a slacker in college? I also managed to get A’s in graduate level philosophy courses without ever actually going to class. Hmm. 🙂

    BTW Cat, I demand that you go see King of Kong with Adi…if not for him, then do it for me! See you tomorrow.

  • Dariela - I love this because there are so many things behind the scenes of you guys that we don’t know. It just opens up a little window so we learn more about the persons behind Next Exit Photography! So dedicated answers too! What impressed me the most was the list of countries that Cat backpacked, WOOW!

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