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Cat and I felt so honored to be a part of the amazing wedding of Aubrey and Josh. Aubrey has been a friend of ours for as long as I can remember, so it was extra special that we knew her family and many of the guests in attendance. The perfect blue sky was the backdrop for the beautiful ceremony on Topanga State Beach. You can’t pay for weather like this!!! And then, guests headed over to the Harbor House in Marina del Rey for yummy mojitos and a delicious lunch. The dancing was off the hook, especially the choreographed salsa performed by the newlyweds. And, the homemade cupcakes were so scrumptious.

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  • Aubrey - What incredible pictures!!! I love them!! Adi, Cat, you are so talented. You did such an amazing job. Thank you. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Paul - These are PHEMOMENAL! “Seagull” & “Aubrey Balcony”… two of my new favorite pictures of ALL time.

    How can we order printouts?

  • Mike - All of the photos are wonderful. I really like the one with Aubrey holding onto the ladder!! The photos give a visual on how amazing that day was…Thanks for a perfect afternoon.

  • Jamie - These pictures are amazing. I love how easily and beautifully they captured your love. Simply breathtaking!

    I am so happy for you both.

  • Maria - I love the picture of Aubrey, Jen and Jessica! Great Job Cat & Adi!

  • Josh - I am absolutely amazed at how great these pictures are! You two are truly talented photographers. I love them all! Especially the one of Aubrey on the balcony, the ladies making mean faces, and the one of Shayna and her brownie.

    Thank you!

  • sally dunn - I love looking at your gorgeous pictures! It brings back memories of that special day. My favorites were the seagull, what are the chances of that happening for a photo, Josh and Aubrey by the ladder, the toast and cute little Shayna and her cupcake. We send our love and Thanks Adi and Cat for the great pictures.

  • Mel McLellan - OOOH! I like this one! Great job guys! 🙂 Hope you’re doing great!

  • Codi - Thanks for including me in your picture sharing. The pictures are fantastic and you both look so happy! Congratulations!!

We had a very busy week shooting 4 adorable munchkins at the studio.
Baby portraits are becoming very popular here at Next Exit because so many of our former clients (and their friends) are popping out babies here, there and everywhere!

Anton Benard Caballero born Monday, June 18, 2007
(you should all remember Addy and Lou’s wedding that we shot in Ixtapa, Mexico last year!)

Jude’s second session from his Baby’s First Year series
(those sexy legs belong to famous wedding make-up and hair artist, Sherry McAnelly)

Sedona Isabelle Ruma born July 24, 2007
first session from her Baby’s First Year series

Jordan Riley Peng
second session from her Baby’s First Year series, well, third if you include the one that she is inside mommy’s belly!

Renee and Braden got married at one of our favorite locations in Southern California, the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to exchange vows and the photo opps are endless. Renee is a Hello Kitty-phile and even wore a Kitty Kimono to end off the evening! She works for the company and has been oh so generous with trademark gifts to yours truly. R&B are uber cool and their wedding details really showed off their unique personalities. Donaji from Event Professionals was a supreme event director. The highlight of the evening was when the Salinas Churro Truck arrived and served fresh hot churros for the final hours of the event. Adi and I were in churro heaven!!! Okay, okay, so I cheated on my diet. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody. Adi only scored one piece, and he is still kicking himself about it to this day, as they are his favorite sugary treat. Anyways, it was a pleasure shooting this adorable couple all over downtown Los Angeles. It was a wedding to remember!!


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  • Susan - Aw, what fun! The photos look awesome, Cat & Adi! And Congrats, Renee & Braden 😉

  • angel swanson - as another Hello Kitty-phile, I have to say that kimono is awesome!! 🙂 if i had a client that had the sanrio hookup, it would be dangerousssss. great job, guys!

  • Justine Ungaro - I love these, I think I saw them when I visited your studio. 🙂

  • Nanette - What a fun and fabulous couple! Great pics, as always!

  • Jules Bianchi - these are GREAT!!!

The gorgeous Dr. Tracy hired Next Exit Photography to do a “Puppy’s First Year” series. I’ll be rolling on the ground with Roxy a few more times in the next few months in Los Angeles, so stay tuned for some fabulous pet portraits of this adorable Samoyed. See the “Baby’s First Year” section on our portrait site for more information.

  • stacey mendoza - L.O.V.E.!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! These puppy pics are fantastic! I absolutely love them 🙂 The one of the puppy drinking from the puddle is fabulous!
    love ya

  • laura bateman - Your puppy is so cute!!! Love the pics!

  • Manuel Mendoza - These photos are insane! My favorite is the one by the stairway where the puppy is striking a pose by tilting its head & smiling. Adi & Tracy, how were you able to get such a modelesque-looking shot? Beautiful dog, awesome pics, can’t wait to see more!!! 🙂

    Thanks a lot Tracy! Now Stacey is going to want a Samoyed. 🙂

  • Dennis - What a great puppy. You really captured the moment.

  • Emi - These are the cutest! What a sweet idea.
    I love the image of Roxy drinking.

    See you guys soon!

  • Dr. Tracy and her Puppy, Roxy: Part 2 » Next Exit Photography Blog - […] of you might remember from a few months back the puppy session I did with Dr. Tracy and Roxy. Well, here is the second session from their “Puppy’s First Year” series. Roxy […]

Adi and I have been so blessed this year with amazing clients. Jill and Daniel, adorable animal lovers, had a gorgeous wedding at our favorite Orange County Silverado wedding location hot spot, Rancho Las Lomas. It doesn’t get any better than this place. The catering, yum, from Craig’s Extraordinary Catering. In Flower designed the gorgeous floral décor. Wedding coordinator, Susan MacDonald, made sure that everything ran according to schedule. We really loved working with Videographers Christine and Marc McCrudden from Independent Apple Productions. We highly recommend this adorable husband and wife team. Another huge recommendation for the band from The Platinum Groove of DMH Enterprises. Really amazing stuff!!! They rocked the house!!!

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  • Mark Lugenbuehl - That is one of the most beutiful set of wedding photographs I have ever seen. Jill and Daniel shine like movie stars.

  • Sue Colson - Such a beautiful couple! Georgeous pictures! Your happiness jumps right out from the photos!

  • Jill - The emotion and story captured is phenomenal. The blend of different styles captures the complexity of the day which is based simply on love. That one day is gone, but these pictures will be with us forever; we thank you for telling our story so beautifully.

  • angel swanson - GORGEOUS pictures! the bride is utterly radiant.

Jennifer and Kris were our date famous 7/7/7 couple. (yes, that tells all you blogstalkers how behind we are!) Their amazing location, in our favorite wine country hideaway (Temecula, CA), was the Harveston Lake House. So magical!! Jen and Kris are such amazing dancers! And, who knew that Kris was an inspired crooner and would surprise his new wife with a first dance song backed by the Chris Klich Quintet (who was out of this world.) Guests played croquet and frisbee on the lawn while munching on sugar free desserts and sipping from the fruit juice station. The cake topper was unforgettable and handcrafted by Thumbprint Kids. The couple scored a power paddleboat on the lake, which would have made for a fabulous ceremony exit and getaway…but the paddle boat guy somehow forgot! It’s okay, we just took the long route to get one.
Adi and I turned down almost 30 weddings for that crazy date!!! Honestly, I can’t imagine having spent it with a nicer, kinder group. And, hey, it only took them 11 years to get to it!!

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  • Jen and Kris - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Kris and I are amazed at how beautiful these photos are, although we are not surprised! Thank you Cat and Adi for this incredible gift. Even though we expected fantastic, we never imagined we would be moved to tears by what you two do so brilliantly. Thank you so much! And thanks for taking a super short break and cutting a rug with us on the dance floor, you’re not so bad yourselves. 🙂
    Love, Jen and Kris

  • wanda slaven - How very wonderful and beautiful….Jen thank you so much for sharing this we Pastor Don and me. The best of all God’s blessings on your new life of marriage…..God Bless.
    Pastor Don and Wanda

  • Amy Allred - Jen- these are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing them with me.
    PSS, Amy

  • Jamie Garner - Absolutely stunning! You should be a bride everyday. It’s look like your ceremony was beautiful and full of joy. I could not be happier for the two of you. I wish you both many happy years and beautiful kids together.


  • Lynne - Beautiful pictures!! I love all of them! Am happy for you both!


  • Elizabeth (MOH) - All I can say is WOW!! I expected amazing, but I never expected this! Cat and Adi, I’ve told my sister multiple times…”thanks for finding the photographers for my wedding!”…WOW! These are fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest! Oh and thanks for documenting my dad’s first dance :).

    Jen and Kris, all I can say (yes I know it’s repetitive) is…WOW!!!

  • Mike & Shelley - All we can say is breathtaking! Cat & Adi did the both of you justice. You guys look so great together. Thank you so much for letting us be apart of your special day.

  • Lynne - What beautiful photos! You two look so happy! I wish you all the best as you begin this new phase of life.
    Lots of love,
    Lynne Fisher

  • Naomi Espinola - Beautiful photos! Jen, you look absolutely stunning. I am so glad that you shared this wonderful occassion with me. Congratulations to both of you.


  • Monica McIntyre - Im LOVING the photography!!!!!!! Composition, color, black and white. Love the angled images the refreshingly better than straight on, centered and level compositions of my wedding photos from yesteryear.

    You two lovebirds ROCK!!!!!!!!

    “Why do birds suddenly appear,
    everytime you are near”…..


    Monica and Dave

  • Mimi - Thank you for the honor to share your special day with you. Your pictures are beautiful and you are an amazing couple. God bless!

  • kelly - Congratulations Kris and Jennifer! These pictures are gorgeous. It looks like your wedding day was absolutely fabulous. I wish you all the best. God Bless.

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