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Stacey and Manuel are unbelievable clients and amazing new friends. Non stop laughter and 100% smiles. We are so blessed to have scored their wedding when our close friend Kim Fox got pregnant and sent them our way! Their wedding was so perfect, the kind we all drool over. Los Angeles wedding planner Rebecca Stone was just brilliant keeping things together on this very hot (make that super caliente) day at the Mountain Meadows Golf Course in Pamona. Buds and Blossoms in Chino designed the killer florals and gorgeous bridal bouquets. It was our first time with Videographer Bill Mitchell, and he was a pleasure to work side by side with. Classic Party Rentals provided all of the linens and special event lighting. I told Stacey the week before the wedding… if you want splurge on anything that costs little but makes the BIGGEST impact, get table pin spots and a room wash. Just gorgeous!!! Oh, and with Sprinkles Cupcakes and a gigantic candy bar, how can you go wrong.
One of the best parts of the day was when we went over to the The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society of Southern California. The chairmen gave us carte blanche to the museum and all of the beautiful trains preserved from the last century. Stacey was no dresszilla. She was covered in dirt and cobwebs from the old trains, but she was game for anything and that’s what made it so much fun. And, the NEXT EXIT PHOTOBOOTH EXPERIENCE was a huge hit with all of the guests!

Last but not least, San Dimas High School Rocks!


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  • Melinda Isenberger - I love them! You look so beautiful and you two look so happy! They did a wonderful job capturing the love and joy of that day! Love you both!!!

  • Nicole Moriarty - The pictures are beautiful!! You both look amazing!!

  • Carlos ramos - The pics are extremely beautiful. I hope the wedding was great also. love u mendoza 😉

  • Riyn Fielder - How Amazing!! Love, love, loved the diversity of all the pictures. Such a beautiful wedding!

  • Jenny - What an amazing job! You couldn’t have found better photographers. They truly captured the emotion of the day. Stac and Manny, you look fabulous. I love you both and can’t wait to see you again. XOXO

  • Dad - Very nice. you both look “cool” even though i know you were frying that day

  • Mom & Dad - Awesome pictures!!!
    Stacey and Papucho-Pollito you both look SUPER, super beautiful. I love the Union Pacific 4014 Pictures…..we are so happy you.
    Cat and Adi, thank you, you have done amazing work.

  • Juleene Aderhold - Beautiful pictures! You both look like a couple out of a magaize, so amazing! Now you guy’s can relive that beautiful day through your pictures, I love’em!

  • Arturo Fernandez - Man Mendoza these pictures are tight. Looks like you had a good wedding. Well hopefully everything went ok. ps. i love u more than carlos. aka your co-worker. lol.

  • Rob & Lisa - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! We were honored to be guests at your wonderful wedding. Your pics are amazing (and I just love that tiara!) – can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Clark - Bravo! Beautiful photos that really do justice to the happy couple. These photos are simply fabulous! Everything a bride could ask for…they reflect the true personalities of this crazy pair and capture the ambiance of the wedding. To say that these are creative is an understatement, they are fitting for a Vera Wang’s “Princess” advertisement. I imagine these are just the tip of the iceberg, can’t wait to see the rest! Congrats Manny & Fischer””oops I mean Mendoza

  • Holly - The pictures are absolutely amazing, I gasped with excitement every time I scrolled down. With the terrific pics it will hard to forget such a beautiful day!

  • Janice and Gary Isenberger - Beautiful pictures! We are so happy for the both of you!

  • Rebecca Stone - Eeek! Amazing photos Cat and Adi! Gorgeous and fun (just like Stacey and Manny!)Love the barn shots. Congrats Stacey and Manny. 🙂

  • stacey mendoza - Well, blog watch 2007 is officially over and we don’t even have words to express how extremely thrilled we are with these absolutely amazing photos! Cat and Adi you out did yourselves, we knew you were the most amazing photographers ever, but you sure proved us right and then some! 🙂 I think that great pics are about 10-15% client effort and 85-90% pure photographer talent, boy are we lucky to have 100% talent on our side 🙂 P.S. The wedding day was so much more fun with you two there! I know we’ve said it more than once, but you are so much more than just photographers, you are friends and we love you mucho!!!!p.p.s–so…we’re still trying to decide which pics are better, the ones at the train or the ones at the tree 🙂

  • neacato family - The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing those terrific moments with us. Love always and best of luck.

  • Debbie Fischer (Mom) - Stac and Manny you both look fabulous in these outstanding photos. You were made for each other. Cat and Adi your handy work is amazing. I also gasped while scrolling through the beautiful variety of photos. Truly first class!

  • Becca Rogers - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!! This was definitely the most beautiful wedding i have ever been to and the pics show every detail! Stacey, you and manny look so perfect together and so happy! Love you tons! ~Becca

  • ER Staff at St Joe's Hopspital (Magnet Status) - LOVELY PICS! We love it! All the staff said you looked beautful, and wanted to know who this great photographer peeps were, great photo’s!

  • Roberta - Gorgeous photographs, of an amazing couple. Are you kidding Stace? The train pictures are by for the best! Definitly suitable for the pages of Martha. I feel honored to have witnessed such a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  • Lynnea - These photos are amazing! Exactly the style Jeremy and I love. Cat and Adi, I can’t wait until you photograph our big day! Only 1 year and 14 days to go…

  • Sara - Stace, the pictures look amazing!!! They look like they belong in a magazine…They really did a great job of capturing different special moments and poses. I’m so happy for the two of you! After seeing these, I can only imagine how tough it is going to be for you to narrow it down and choose the ones you want. I’m excited to see the rest of them and thanks for sharing them with me 🙂

  • ed - fabulous pics cat and adi! we were at mindy’s last week and were bummed we had to take off early and couldn’t chat with you. hopefully at the next socal gtg. cheers, -ed&karen

  • Katie Joy - Beautiful pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza! Captivating yet mysterious. Loved the variety and colors of the photos. It doesn’t get any better.

  • Lynnsay - Stacey…You’re wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to see the rest of your wedding pics.
    The pictures really captured how happy you two were on that special day. Your photographer did a wonderful job. Congratulations Manny and Stacey!

  • arvin joy - The pics were so awesome. You guys look soooo adorable. Makes me wanna be a bride! Grrrrr.

  • BRENDA LEAL - sorry i was not there but i did see all the pictures and they look great congrats. Wish the best to you all.

  • ana vera - Hermosa pareja! It is a rare occasion when a picture is able to depict the happiness of human expression, and this is without a doubt that certain occasion. May your marriage be as beautiful, unique, spontaneous and romantic as your pictures.

  • Tara - What artfully done photos! Very unique and beautiful. Congratulations and blessings to you both.

  • Bill Mitchell - These are outstanding photographs! Well done, Cat & Adi. You were a joy to work with.

    Bill Mitchell

  • Davis Lee - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple! What more can I say.

  • Uncle Ricky and Auntie Sylvia - What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful couple! Our favorite is the one of you both in front of the train. The 15th one down. It really looks like an antique. What a wonderful collection of all the fun memories of that special day.

  • Amy - The pictures are so beautiful! Everyone here in Romania says they look like they’ve come right out of a magazine! I just brag that my cousins a celeb! They are so awesome, thanks for sharing them with us…I love you guys and miss you!


  • Mazonie - Stacey & Manny,
    Just a great Blessing to have had the honor of being a guest @ UR wedding. Loved It! Loved It! Loved IT! Greatest Wedding EVER! What Classy Elegant Pics. You Guys ROCK!

  • Mari Foster - I hope I wasn’t supposed to pick my FAVORITE photo? That would be impossible! You two are a beautiful couple, on and off-screen. The wedding was lovely, a truly memorable moment that will live on in these pictures and in our hearts. Okay, the railroad track photos were pretty cool…

  • vero - All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!! These pics look like they came out of a magazine. My fav is the “storybook pic”, hehe. Congratulations to the both of you, the wedding was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  • Lucy - I love the railroad pictures. Thank you for the bright idea, they remind me of when Ricky and I were living in New York. “Lucy I’m home!”

  • Josh Kraft - Awesome pictures Manny and Stacey. It was such a privilege to see you two married. Doreen and I wish you guys the best!

  • Manuel Mendoza - Cat & Adi,

    Words are difficult to express the excitement, joy and happiness that both Stacey and I felt upon viewing the first photos, so imagine seeing both Stacey & I wide-eyed, jaws-dropped, and saying WOW with every photo posted on the blog :). You truly broke the mold with these photos. They are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your time, patience (especially at the photo booth), and vision/creativity throughout the day (most notably at the trains, “the tree”, and around the barn/RR tracks/ & streets of the hallowed city of San Dimas :). Spending the first hours of the day with the two of you and my wife to be, made the day that much more enjoyable, and relaxing too (you guys are so hilarious)! You truly demonstrated your care for the both of us, and that cannot be more appreciated on a special day like this. We were truly blessed to have had the best photographers on the planet capturing the most important day of our lives. Thank you! 🙂

  • Ronda Peri - What wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them. I loved the pictures in the tree – they were my favorite! Congratulations to you both.

  • Bertha & Valerie Glorae - Congratulations to you both! The pictures are wonderful but your obvious adoration for each other was defiinately the key! We wish you both a lifetime of love and togetherness.

  • KLK Photography - This is DEFINATELY the kind of wedding you will drool over! WOW, what amazing photo ops and beautiful work taking advantage of that and making it so fun! LOVE it! Keep RocKin! 🙂

Ashley and Matt are the tops. Check out their list of the amazing details at their wedding. The list goes on and on!
1. A stunning Reem Acra wedding gown
2. Hair and Makeup by the always remarkable Sherry McAnelly
3. London Double Decker bus to and from the site
4. The Adamson House, the perfect location in Malibu, CA
5. Pink parasols for shading
6. Elegant wedding paper goods designed by Emily Tao
7. Equisite florals by Kate Baker
8. Hand made shawls to keep the ladies warm
9. A killer band from DeBois Entertainment
10. Perfect coordination by Heather Ryon from Martini and Bliss
11. Gorgeous lighting throughout the recption site
12. Delish Family-Style Catering by Truly Yours
13. Sprinkles Cupcakes for every guest. (I ate a red velvet one, of course)
14. A martini bar. And a coffee bar
15. White leather lounge furniture
16. To-go bags with Frittelli’s Doughnuts and milk to send their guests off with a midnight snack

And, to top it off, this couple is so adorable and kind. I just can’t get enough of them.

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  • Kristen - Wow! These are awesome pictures!!! Ours is 1 year away…we cannot wait and are so proud to know that you will be there to capture it!

  • Stephanie - Amazing! The beautiful day was captured perfectly…what a truly stunning couple. An unforgettable day!

  • jen - awesome coverage guys!

  • Becky - I’m catching up the on the blogs……Amazing work Cat!

  • sheli - taking over for shiri on this front .. but the 9th photo down, of the entire bridal party = super super beautiful.

  • Nanette - [insert bridal squeal here] Weeeeeee! These are so, so amazing! Congrats Ashley and Matt! It all came together so beautifully! 🙂

  • Heather - What a fun wedding! You really captured it, Cat! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

    As always, it was wonderful to work with you! Thanks for the mention!

International Newsweek Magazine, holy moly! This year has been pretty outrageous in terms of publicity for Next Exit Photography. What makes this so exciting is that the fantastic image published (taken by my fantastic husband, Adi) is that of my very own brother, Jeff Krantz. Here are a bunch of other photos from that shoot. Jeff is an upcoming singer-songwriter who is one of the most popular artists on Second Life. You can hear his music on our websites (wedding and portrait.) He plays 5-6 live shows a week as “Hep Sheppard,” his second life persona, so PLEASE check him out and let him know that we sent you!! How thrilling that of the 8 million members, they chose to feature Jeff. Here is a link to the online article.
Jeff just played at a huge festival in London last week to hundreds of adoring fans. While he was there, a friend of his past along his demo onto non other than Cat Stevens. Yes, THE Cat Stevens, one of our music favs. Here’s what Cat (love the name) Stevens wrote about Jeff, “I listened to Jeff’s music with great interest. I really enjoyed it, especially the lyrics which are written with clarity and meaning. I hope he keeps up the good work.”

  • BJK - yay, and yay again. It’s all so wonderful and deserved.

  • Becky - Newsweek!!! You guys Rock! And so does Jeff!!

  • Nanette - That’s awesome!!!

I cannot say enough amazing things about Lan and Carl. You would be hard pressed to find a more fun loving and adorable couple than this one. Everything was a blast to shoot, from the (very) early morning tea ceremony where they wouldn’t let Carl into the house until he proved his undying love by threading a needle and sewing paper hearts together, to the fashionista bridal party session at the Cal Tech Athenaeum, to the amazing 10-course Chinese Banquet. Despite the wedding day marathon of four locations, they never stopped having fun. And, I must admit, I do love a couple that gives me a ton of time to shoot the two of them. A shout out to a wedding vendor dream team”¦Joyce Luck (hair and makeup), Kerim from My Wedding Blooms, Joe from Today’s the Day Videography and Angel from Events of Love and Splendor.

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  • Hien Q. On - These pictures are awesome, I can’t wait to to see the rest. Lan you look so pretty, you look okay too Carl.

  • yvette - Lan, you are a pretty bride! I agree with Hien, Carl looks ok. =) I loved what you envisioned for your wedding and these few photos showecase your vision and hard work. Craig loves the photos too and wants to use them, which says a lot. Anxious to see the rest. Again, great photos!

  • Luisa - These are soooo beautiful and exactly what you have wanted!! Wish you and Carl the best!!
    Love, Luisa

  • lan - adi thank you so much. looking at these photos just makes me feel so much joy- i don’t think i can wipe the smile off my face tonight! they are even more wonderful then i had hoped for. carl and i can’t wait to see more!

  • Scott and Young-Hee - The pictures look phenomenal. I thought I was viewing a National Geographic article. Great choice on photographer and settings. We look forward to seeing the rest.

  • angel swanson - beautiful! that pic of lan up top (4th one) is SOOOOO cute!!!! 🙂 it was a pleasure working with you, as always~

  • Stephanie Pollaro - LAN!!!!! I can’t believe this day finally arrived for you!!! Gosh, it looks like it was more beautiful than we imagined it would be!!!
    God bless you both!

  • jv2006 - Lan, you look so wonderful. Everything turned out so pretty.

  • Nancy & Jason - Lan and Carl: you are both so Photogenic! You look fabulous! Your kids will probably have good opportunities in the “modeling industry” 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Christina Truong - Absolutely stunning Lan! Love the parasol shot of you and the one of you sitting on the chair in your room! Props to Adi and crew for doing a great job of capturing the day! I might have to hire them for my own wedding one day! (if I get married that is 🙂 )

  • Maribel - You look so pretty Lan. You and Carl look so happy. Welcome back from your honeymoon, newleyweds. Love ya 🙂

  • Steve Ng - You both look great!! I am happy to see you and glad to be part of your honeymoon trip.

We had the opportunity to shoot this amazing family yet again, but this time, WITH child. It was double duty as we started in the studio and then headed to our local park. You’ll remember we photographed Dariela and Derek’s maternity session (one of my all time faves) before little Adrian was born! This time, they hired us to shoot her entire family”¦ Dariela’s mom and sister and her husband. We’re looking forward to shooting Derek’s entire family in San Diego later this month!

  • Dariela - Cat and Adi,
    Awesome pictures as always! I know already it’s going to be hard to choose! Thanks so much!!

  • Elvira Munoz - Cat and Adi, lovely pictures. I can’t wait to see more!
    Thanks, Elvira

  • Becky - So cute! I wanna come visit the Next Exit Studio!

Melissa and Steve met us in our favorite alley for some super relaxed engagement pics. Melissa might just kill me for broadcasting this on the blog, but I used to babysit her and her little (not so little anymore) sis many years ago. Her family grew up across the street from mine in Brentwood, and we have all remained close for 20 years! I was so excited and totally honored when they booked us to shoot their wedding at the Hillcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills this fall.

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  • diane - AWESOME PHOTOS CAT!!! I love them all.

  • Lanette - Cat,
    Beautiful pics. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos! and the wedding….
    thank you for sharing,
    Lanette (Steve’s mom)

  • Debbie Warren - What a surprise to see these engagement photos. They are great. I love their eyebrows!
    Thank you,
    Debbie (lanette’s friend)

  • Rebecca Stone - So beautiful!! Cannot wait for the wedding!

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