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Lynn and Stephen are just fabulous peeps. A big shout out to the amazing MOH who took care of the bride (and helped her interview photographers”¦wink wink). I loved watching Natalie Buketov, wedding hair & make-up artist extraordinaire, do her thing. St. Edward the Confessor is a stunning Catholic Church in Dana Point. Stephen was totally surprised by the USC Trojan Marching Band who was secretly waiting for the happy couple after the ceremony outside the church. There was a lot of Trojan love at this wedding! Working at the Grand Newport Plaza by Turnip Rose was a true delight! What efficiency and style! The food was to die for and the presentation was perfect. There were endless details at the wedding, but I especially like the chocolate dipped strawberry bar and the Krispy Kremes to-go baggies at the end of the night!

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  • Nanette - Gasp! These are GORGEOUS! Lynn – you look stunning! Great job, Cat! (Not that I expected anything less.) 🙂

  • Lynn - We love them! We are so blessed to have such talented photographers. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pics.

  • Dinah Martinez-Warren - Amazing Photos! The emotions captured are felt at viewing. I am overwhelmed with joy for you and Stephen. Anxious to see more of these wonderful photos.

Now listen up people. This is fa real. Read here for last week’s food gift announcement. If you don’t read our blog, well then, I guess we forgive you, but there is just no excuse for six crème puffs from Beard Papa! Come on! How can we resist those little tasty balls of fried goodness filled with delicious creamy goodness!!! Janette just HAD to bring us a pre-dinner treat when she picked up her proofs tonight. I guess we’ll have to go to the gym double time tomorrow, so the office will be closed”¦not really, but I kind of got you there for a second, didn’t I?

  • Christa - I’m pretty sure I forwarded my new address to you… Hook a pregnant lady up!! 😉

    Enjoy your treats, you do really need them!

  • Rachel - I saw those creme puffs at the studio yesterday! If I wasn’t lactose intollerant, I would be all over them! Those poor tempted souls!

    So listen up everybody…

    Less Patries…more alcohol!

  • Becky - Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeats.

Woohoo!!! Next Exit Photography scores! Another killer wedding published in the Knot Magazine! Congrats to Laura-Lee and Erik for being selected! Lots more of their images are featured here on the website. And, how cool is this”¦ they used the one of her wedding photos in their fashion section to “See What Real Brides Wore ~ shoes, purses + more!”
To all of our brides: Do you wanna get published? We have relationships with many of the best editors in the country, but feel free to send your Next Exit blog link to a specific magazine editor if you would like to be featured. It’s tough, so don’t get discouraged!!

  • Christa - How exciting!! Well deserved.

  • Elizabeth - LL was thrilled – we all teased her about her two pairs of shoes, who knew??

    Congrats to you both – the pics are gorgeous!

  • Susie Olesen - Cat –
    I love your web site; the photography is exquisite and your brother’s voice and music are wonderful.

Janice and Jason are two of the nicest people we know. They have been together for 11 years!! And, what warm and wonderful families on both sides. They were all such a pleasure to be around.
The couple celebrated their church wedding in Norco followed by a killer reception at the groom’s family home. Thanks to Betty from Talk of the Town Events for keeping it all together!

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  • Janice & Jason - Love love love the pictures!!! Adi gets the most fantastic shots! We had so much fun! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Edsel - That’s my cousin! Love the pics!

  • Nicole - Janice you’re pictures are beautiful!!!!! I’m definitely using your photographer when I get married!!! WOW 😉

  • Jenn - They look awesome!!!

  • Jestherlyn - Stunning! I love them! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  • lindsey - you guys rock! pretty, pretty!

  • Noel - What a good looking couple. Very nice.

  • Lucas - Auntie Jaja & Uncle Jason – love the pics! You guys look great!

  • Brownie - Lucas took the words right out of my mouth. Uncle Bud and I say that these pictures are awesome =)

  • Sheila - These pics are beautiful…just like the newlywed couple 🙂 Love the group shot at the reception. It catches all that fun spirit we had on the dance floor 😉

  • Perla V. - Perfect pictures!!! Can’t come much better than
    these. Bride was pretty and lovely and groom
    was dashing and handsome!!

    Need to see more of these shots…

  • Holly - Cat & Adi! You were in our neck of the woods! Next time stop by and say hi! 🙂 …Great pics!

  • sharon - The pictures are so fabulous. They say it all!!! One of the best parties ever…

Rachel and John are trés adorable. What started out as potential for disaster, landed up being a blessing in disguise. R&E ran over an hour late for their e-pics due to hair drama and Los Angeles traffic, but we worked it out. One of the reasons that we love our little Westside Village is because of the endless shooting locations! So, we started out in our front yard and then raced over to the train tracks only blocks away. We had been eyeing this area for months and we finally had the chance to take advantage! Golden hour was upon us and these two worked up some magic in front of the camera. We even hit up the alley behind the Norm’s! Also, a big shout out to our buddie (John’s uncle) David Blattel, who referred us the gig. He is an amazing commercial photographer.
Make sure to check out his site!




  • Rachel - Thank you so much Cat & Adi! You guys were awesome! That day would have been a disaster with any other photographer…but you two completely turned it around! I love the pics and can’t wait to see more! =) You’re the best!!!!

Okay, so all of our loyal blog readers know that we never blog images of ourselves. (okay, almost never)
Last night, Adi and I hosted a huge fiesta for about 60 of the very bestest wedding photographers (and their munchkins) in Southern California. Anybody who was anybody attended and we had a serious blast. I made my famous sangria and everybody brought stuff for the grill and yummy buffet. Adi was the sexy bbq master and was photographed by the amazing Erwin (not Edwin) of Apertura Photography. He also caught me showing off in our new studio. Come on, it rocks!!! Another famous photog, Paul Gero, also caught a few of the two of us doing our thing”¦ being crazy in front of the camera. We take pictures people, we’re no America’s nexttopmodel. Thanks to all of you who attended last night. So Cal wedding photographers rock!!!!! I’m so sorry we never brought out our own camera….work and play. Hard to say.

  • Chelsea - Fun times! Love the pic of m e stuffing my face! 😉
    I love your studio! It’s fabulous 🙂

  • Heather & Mike - So fun – you have a great party backyard. Love the studio shot…some pics in the background look familiar!

  • Jen - You are the host’s with the most’s. 🙂 We had a great time!!

  • Jennifer Wilson - Cat – Thanks agian so much! You guys throw the best bashes – and you are so generous to always open your home (and super-cool studio!)

    jen 🙂

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