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Adi and I ran into Lynn and Henry at Evie and Vince’s wedding at Seven Degrees. They were so kind to refer us for their wedding photography! Don’t worry Evie, you’ll be blogged next, I promise! L&H got married at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey in 2005. When they told me that they had a one year old, I said, “Why haven’t you brought her in for a baby session!” (All of our Next Exit Brides receive a free baby portrait session”¦) We scrambled to find a time while they were in town (they live in NoCal now) and poof! Here are the results. Baby Kate was an absolute dream to shoot. Lynn and her mom certainly got a work out waving their arms and singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with me!


  • stacey - Way too cute! Love the pics, absolutely adorable little cutie pie!

  • Stephanie Lairson - Congratulations Lynn & Henry! So glad to hear you are doing well…Kate is gorgeous!!!

Traci and Matthew had a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is a restricted property, but Matt knows the right people and we even got to climb the lighthouse for pics! He serves as a United States Coast Guard Aviator. This wedding day was full of beautiful Japanese tradition, and the couple shared ceremonial Sake, were entertained by Japanese drum musicians, and preformed the Banzai Toast in front of all of their guests and amazingly kind family members. Not sure if smashing cake in each other faces was cultural or maybe just alcohol induced… Wink
We love working at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica. They always take really good care of their clients and make sure the evening runs smoothly.


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  • lisa, mother of the groom - mazel tov on the knot 2007 best of wedding pick! it is reflected in these fabulous photos.

  • matt - Outstanding eye, great sense of humor, and very patient with the groom. Adi & Cat were awesome to work with! The pictures are almost as beautiful as my bride. Thank you both.

  • Mika (traci's other half) - Beautiful pictures of the Beautiful couple! Congratulations my little love birds~* hehe thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

  • Annabelle - These pictures capture every great moment of this beautiful day! Adi and Cat, you did an awesome job…

  • Joycieee - OMG these photos are amazing!!! Traci you look absolutely beautiful!! so do you MATT 🙂 Congrats!! n thank you so much for letting me share this moment with you. LOVES! xoxo

  • John (:D guy) - Great shots to remember such a wonderful wedding by.

  • janet - great photos!

Kristina and Riaz are adorable. Kristina, a self proclaimed Next Exit Blog-Stalker (who also happens to be an attorney) and Riaz, a professional Rugby player, just back from his season in Australia, met me on the streets of Venice Beach for their pre-wedding engagement session. It was a windy day, but we made due ducking into the cute nooks and crannies off Main St. They will be getting married at one of our favorite New York Food Company wedding locations in Southern California, Verandas, in November 2007 and Cat and I can’t wait!






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  • Kristina - Yea!! We love them! I can’t wait for you guys to shoot our wedding. Thank you so much!

  • angel swanson - love ’em!! the 1st and 6th are my faves; that tight alley is great! beautiful couple.

  • Mom - Kristina, these are absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait for the big day. Kudos to the photographers!

  • Heather - Wow you guys are HOT – you look like super models – K, love your hair! It’s so blonde! Well, the pics are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.
    Love, your sis.

  • Cecelia - Kristina and Riaz are so beautiful with the shining light of love in their eyes.

  • rebecca - Geez!! SO beautiful! You belong on the cover of some “in Love” magazine!

  • Anwar and Amara - Hi guys amazing photos! kristina you look beautiful, cant wait to the big day x

  • Mum, dad & Naz in Oz - Wow what gorgeous photo’s !! To coin a phrase ” Sensational ” !! haha…We all can’t wait for the BIG day 🙂
    With love from Oz x

  • Ben and Antje - Very nice guys!!!

We have the most phenomenal news. I mean, really, really big!!
Adi and I”¦well, and Next Exit Photography, have been voted as one of “”The Knot 2007 Best of Weddings Picks””!! Basically, The Knot Magazine asked over 25,000 brides from around the country to complete a survey on who they felt were the very best wedding vendors in the country and we were selected!! Only those vendors who received over an 85 percentile got a little blurb and Next Exit scored a whopping 99.4%! True, we’re never perfect (we kinda like it that way) but hey, that’s the top one percent of ALL wedding photographers in the country! Oh, my!!
Here is what the magazine (and the voters) wrote about Next Exit Photography: One of the most sought after wedding photojournalists in Southern California, Next Exit makes everyone look beautiful and turns any venue into spectacular scenery. They have “impeccable taste” and ” beautiful work” that will make you glad you didn’t hire anyone else. You’ll be “thrilled with their work!”
We are beyond honored and totally psyched! Adi and I have never done any paid advertising in the five years that we have been shooting weddings, so it’s such a huge thing for us to be recognized in the press. We work our little tooshies off for our clients (and they have recognized us for it). Thank you so much to all of your who selected Next Exit Photography as one of the very best!!
We promise to continue to strive for the very best that we can give back to all of you.

  • Kristen K. - Congrats! What an honour to have you as our wedding photographers July 19th 2008! You’re the BEST!

  • Christy - Congrats! No one deserves this more than you two!

  • Eight20 - Wow you guys. That’s awesome news. You deserve it.

  • Kelly - Awesome you guys! You definitely deserve it!

  • Jules Bianchi - Way to go, guys!!

  • angel swanson - yayyy!!! kudos to you two on this well-deserved recognition. 🙂

  • Christa - What awesome news! SO happy for you guys 🙂

  • Nanette - That is AWESOME!!!!!! CONGRATS!

  • Shiri Morgan - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! And I am not just saying that because I am related. Jack and I always say that you guys are literally the best wedding photographers we have ever seen! (Too bad you were in our wedding and couldnt shoot it)

  • Lynn - Congrats guys! Very well deserved; your work is amazing and we can’t wait for Cat to shoot our wedding next month.

  • Rebecca Stone - Congrats you guys! I am so excited for you! 🙂

  • Erika - Congratulations! Stephan and I are so excited for you to shoot our wedding!

  • Trista - OOMMMGGGG!!!!! You guys TOTALLY deserve this! Way to go!!!

  • Heather & Mike - I am not surprised in the slightest. I bet it wasn’t even close!

  • stacey fischer - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Manny and I are so excited for you two, we are looking forward to June…who knows, maybe we’ll have to send in some pics 🙂

  • Sarah - Congrats Cat and Adi! Now the rest of the world knows what we all know…how awesome you guys are!

  • Megan & David - Yay! Dave and I are so excited for you both! You definitely deserve it- you guys do beautiful work! See you soon!

  • Jeff K - Guys, that it really incredible news. You really are talented, but we all knew that before the award!

  • BJK - If I was a bride I would be taking the NEXT EXIT to your studio to hire you both. XXX Mom

  • The Garretts - I am SO happy for you both. I know how hard you work and you deserve all the credit and respect in the world. I know I throw your names out there wherever I can. Congrats!

  • adrienne - congratulations!!! you guys really are soooo great. definitely well-deserved. we are so excited to have you as our photographers! 😀

  • Jen - So great!! Congratulations!

  • harmony - Congratulations guys! That’s so fantastic! Way to go…

Andrea and Bavuk are one of our many fabulous San Francisco wedding photography clients. Ever since we started Next Exit Photography fives years ago, we have always shot a handful of Bay Area weddings each year. We just loved their laid-back attitude and unique personalities! This wedding, at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel, was exquisite. We appreciated how the couple’s cultural traditions were intertwined as the Jewish side and the Indian side came together. I just loved seeing the colorful sarees under the beautifully decorated huppah.

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  • Nicky and Eric - You guys are amazing, love the pics! 🙂

  • Rohit and Bhavna - Awesome pictures!

  • andrea and bhavuk - absolutely amazing! we love them!
    thanks for capturing so beautifully
    our amazing night!you guys are awesome!!!!!

  • samantha and sean - These are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather - These are beautiful, Andrea! Thanks so much for sharing…

Janette and Jordon are one of our many 2007 power couples. They are totally adorable and sweet! And, did I mention smart? A lawyer and a doctor, amazing.
Adi and I loved shooting their engagement session on at UCLA. Adi grew up in Westwood, and as a child, rode his bike all over the exquisite campus. His Trojanness shouldn’t ever offend anybody, seriously. And, I might add, that I went to UCLA for 4 quarters back in the day. I was an uber nerd and did summer school every year beginning in the 10th grade all the way through senior year of college.
We are really looking forward to this wedding in Pasadena this June.

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  • angel swanson - they are a beautiful pair! i can’t wait to work with you two on this wedding… it’s coming up quickly! 😀

  • Christa - What an adorable couple and I love these pics…. yet again… wishing I found you guys earlier and got some awesome epics along with the amazing wedding pics… xoxo

  • Janette - Cat and Adi – We love the pics! It was so much fun hanging out with you guys that day. Can’t wait until the wedding!

  • sandra - you guys look great!! did it feel like paparazzi was following you? just one more month!!! omg

  • kathy - beautiful!! the pictures came out awesome…i never realized UCLA was so nice….can’t wait to see you guys on the big day!!

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