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Not that they haven’t before now, but our 2007 clients seriously kick some wedding client buttocks. We are having the BEST time getting to know you guys! You are making our job seem a little too easy.

Stacey and Manuel are just da best. I love them!!!! We had so much fun ducking and hiding on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We met just in front of Tiffany (where Stacey’s engagement ring is from!) and went here, there and everywhere. From inside tres expensive boutiques to the hottest art gallery in town, we managed to convince storeowners to let us use their places as a backdrop. (I can be very persuasive) S&M surprised me with a box of Sprinkles Cupcakes (their future wedding favors!) and a gift certificate to get me even more fat on another date. Thanks guys, can’t wait till June!


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  • Juleene Aderhold - Your pics are so great! They are so candid and so unique, it looks like a magazine article. You two look great! Good job punkin!

  • Manuel - Cat, the photos are amazing! Both Stacey & I had the time of our lives being photographed in such a high-security location that is Beverly Hills 🙂 We would like to say thank you for your way with words, as you persuaded the various shop owners in allowing us to shoot in their boutiques (Love the hat pics). Thank you for posting the running shot (my personal fav.). How about that cupcake shot? It’ll for sure be the show-stopper of the blog. Definitely an award-winning pic 🙂

  • LAURIE - Stacey and Manny are two beautiful people inside and out………..these photos sure show them so happy and ready for that wedding date!!!

    i love photos #2, #3, and #5 the best……so far that is……….i am sure i will see the rest and smile, laugh, and be happy with them.

    Got to love them to “Alaska and back”!!!!


  • stacey - Just when we thought the photography gods were against us, we got a referral to next exit! what could have been catastrophy in having our original wedding photographer unable to shoot us was a blessing in disguise, as she referred us to our wonderful cat & adi 🙂 I absolutely love our pics and have to say that with cat & adi you feel like old friends not just clients. You guys are the best!

  • Lisa Gillison - Stacey and Manny,
    You look like you had so much fun! What a cute couple! Can’t wait to see the rest. All my love to you both.
    Lisa Gillison

  • Holly Birkinshaw - I LOVED the pictures! You are both natural hams. I think they are the best pictures from the website.

  • Tracy Clark - Holly is right, you guys are both Honey Baked Hams! You truly look like a supermodel with a natural smile and the wind blowing in your hair 🙂 I like that you are one crazy cupcake (Manny must be too to be marrying you)! By the way I like the cupcake photo the best…but that’s just because I like to eat. Really though congratulations to you both!


  • Guadalupe - You should be hired as a model by some of those companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! I like to see you two happy as you are on these pictures. That would be my reward from you two.


  • Becca Rogers - WOW!!! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE the pics. I cant even choose my favorite. Stac you look beautiful! These pics could be in a magazine. My favs are 3,5,9,10,12 and of course the one with hats is hilarious. I can wait for the wedding. These pics show just how in love you two are. Congrats!

  • Carla Blanco - Stacey and Manny you two look wonderful in these pictures. Stacey you look beautiful and like I said these pictures look like they came out of a magazine. My favorite photo is the stairs. Well I wish the best of luck to you and Manny in your future. Love Carla(Blow it).

  • Veronica Martinez - These pictures are just breath-taking. You both look awesome and Stacey you just look beautiful. I wish you both the best and many more memorable moments to come!!! Love, Vero

  • Gabby / Ezra / Alonso - Congratulations! Both of you look wonderful. The pictures are very natural and spontaneous – two thumbs up.

    (Puras Fallas!)

  • Roberta - Your photographs are beautiful!!! You are an amazing young couple and these photographs capture you so well. My best to you both, Roberta

  • maurice white - stacey, you look really pretty. YOU MUST TAKE AFTER YOUR DAD. love dad

  • Rochelle Fischer - What a beautiful couple! I am so proud of both of you, and the way you have accomplished what you set out to do. I love you both and wish you love and happiness for the rest of your lives together!

  • Mita - I am Mita from Italy, friend-supplier of Guadalupe.
    You are such a beautiful couple, congratulations. Guadalupe You told me your son is handsome and.. you are right 🙂
    Wish you a happy life together.

  • Jenny - The pictures look amazing! They look like something out of a magazine. I love you Brattski and Manole. Can’t wait to see you guys.


  • Martha Katalina - Felicitaciones Manny y Stacey”¦.las fotos estan como de dos chicos de revista, Manny te pareces al Principe Williams..FELICIDADES!!!!!!

    Martha Katalina

  • Ma. Elena Manchado - Manny and Stacey, you’re the Best couple I ever seen on this web-site

    Ma. Elena

  • Dra. Katya Rodriguez - Your picture look like something out of a magazine. Guadalupe you are right. They are a nice couple.


  • Dra. Myriam - I like picture #35
    Manny es guapo y Stacy también, hacen una bonita pareja!!!

  • Vickee - Thank you for inviting us to share your wonderful photos. You both look so happy and we are equally happy for you.
    Vickee – IMC

  • Keith Murata - Congratulations. Getting married sure has changed since I got married many years ago. Very attractive photos.

  • Gilbert Castañeda - Congratulations! You both look so happy in the pictures. They truly capture your personalities. My best to both of you! 🙂

  • Jeanie McHatton - Manuel-
    What gorgeous pictures! You both look so happy. Congratulations on your engagement!

  • Marta - Felicidades por la boda de su hijo, son una fotos estupendas!

    Marta Ll

  • Almudena - Desde Simildiet les enviamos nuestra más sincera enhorabuena por el matrimonio de su hijo.


Lan and Carl are the cutest!!! Adi and I chased them all over (and under) the Santa Monica Pier, reaching for these fantastically fun engagement pictures. They just love getting snapped, and we were oh, so happy, to oblige. I have to say, that its days like these that makes living in Southern California da bomb. The salty air, the crashing waves, the perfect sunset”¦ahhhhhh.

Oh, and Lan admits to being a certified card carrying Next Exit blog stalker. Are you?


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  • lan - YAY we’ve been blogged! now we feel officially part of the next exit family. thanks! the pictures look great and we love LOVE the colors and variety in our beach pics! =D

  • angel swanson - too cute! my fave is #2. 🙂 xoxo

  • yvette - hey lan! greetings from tokyo! thanks for sending these pics, it was fun looking at them. i love all of them. you guys were absolutely the right couple for them to pick. i might have to go with them when we take our engagement photos. =) i love the colors, the angles and how they captured your cuteness and playfulness. =) see you when we get back.

I met up with Lynn & Stephen at the Tommy Trojan statue in the center of the USC campus. They both attended SC back in the day so we all agreed that it would be a fun place to shoot their engagement pics! Adi is also a SC grad, so he tagged along for nostalgia sake. I, on the other hand, attended Tufts University across the country. I also might add, we had very little school spirit and no trace of any “winning” sports teams. I played water polo, one of 6 girls in the entire co-ed “ivy” league. Hey, I got to hang out with boys from Harvard and Yale while Adi played frisbee golf on the lawn with bikini clad sorority girls. Oh, those were the days…

Okay, enough about me.

Here are the adorable Lynn and Stephen!! They will be getting married this summer at the gorgeous Grand Newport Plaza Turnip Rose in Orange County and their wedding photography is going to rock this world!


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  • Adi - Fight on!

  • Lynn - I adore these pictures! Especially the one with USC on the monitor background – great timing on that one. We can’t wait to see more!


  • Lynn - And Fight On!

  • Nanette - Gorgeous!!!

Shauna and Tim are our dream clients. They live in Las Vegas and had their pick of the best wedding photographers from around the country. As luck would have it, they chose us! They booked us over the phone without ever meeting us for their incredible St. Patty’s Day wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. S&T are totally adorable. We already knew them pretty well by the time their wedding rolled around because they had flown us out to Vegas to shoot their marathon engagement session. Make sure to check those pics out. They rock!!
Thanks again to coordination by Celebrations by Dianna, everything ran smoothly.
Adi and I have become obsessed with the Temecula area. So much so that we want to buy a place out there! Last year, we shot 3 killer weddings at Temecula Vineyards (Christa, Dayna and Kristen) and have a bunch on the books for 2007. Plus, two of our closest friends (Laura and Martine) live there and they belong to the vineyard clubs for free day-after tastings, woohoo!

Anywho, we just adore these guys and can’t wait to see them again!!


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  • Emi - LOVE the B&W of the guys in the vinyard…great job guys!

    See you soon.

  • Christa - They turned out so incredible. Brings back such great memories seeing these 🙂

  • Tim & Shauna - Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than our engagement photos. You out did it! We can’t wait to see all of our proofs! I (Shauna) wouldn’t have made it through the day without you. We love you guys. Can’t wait to do a maternity & newborn session with you. Cat & Adi ROCK!!! See you soon!

    -Tim & Shauna

  • Rachelle - Beautiful!! I laughed, I cried. You brought out the best in my little sister that day. Thanks for capturing the beauty and uniqueness of Shauna and Tim’s Day! Hope I have both of you for my wedding (whenever that happens).

  • lan - one word…. WOW!

  • Zofia - So much energy! Wow, you guys really do some wonderful work. I’m a fan!

  • Chris (MOB) - WOW! Very beautiful! You really captured the essence
    of who they are, their love & their playfulness w/each other & their love & respect towards family & friends. Great job!!

  • Jenn - Awesome pictures! Tim was adorable and Shauna just so beautiful…they should me the models for the wedding section of this website! They’re just so full of life and love…

So, Adi and I have this new obsession with getting our photo taken. No, really! We’re kinda thinking that the more we get photographed, the better photographers we will be. Does that make sense?
Adi and I were photographed while we were in Vegas last week by the fabulously talented husband and wife team, the Wiebners, from Pennsylvania. They are our new BFFs and we can’t get enough of them!
Then, we posted a few images from a VIP husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team dinner… 8 of some of the best H&W teams in the US and Canada were invited (including us!!!) We were so honored to make the cut!
I’ve swiped a few images from the Wiebners blog (with their permission of course) to show ya all and then posted a few of the images that we caught of Rita and Joel! Aren’t they cute?



  • Nanette - Adorable!

  • Laura - Damn Cat! That first photo of you is hot! I am rethinking my lesbian lust for Adi.

  • Janice&Jason - Wow!!! We really liked picture 1 and 2. You can just feel the love!

  • Christa - HOT! Totally HOT!

  • Brooke & Eric - Hey Guys,

    It was so great to meet you in Vegas. The two of you are awesome and very talented I might add. I absolutely love the pictures! I want in on that action the next time we all get together.

    Love from your fabulous East Coast amigos…

    Brooke & Eric

  • lan - way too cute!

  • Jen - You guys looks FANTASTIC! Great shots.

Adi and I are finally back. We have been out of town for the last two weeks! It feels so good to be home! First, we drove down to San Diego where 3 amazing photographers hosted us at their homes. Paul Gero and his wife, Nicki, invited us to lunch at their adorable pad in Ladera Ranch. Nicki (like me) is South African and we had so much in common. Real people. Their daughter Kate was too cute for words. I can’t wait to hang out with them again.
Then, we headed further south to John Riedy’s exquisite new home in Carlsbad. I also snapped some pics of his family. His wife, Becky, and I (like Nicki) hit it off swimmingly. I think we’re all gonna be besties. John and Becky hosted a cocktail party for Adi and I to meet and greet some of SDs finest wedding photographers.
Then, we headed off to Mindy Sonshine’s home for another Next Exit GTG where dozens more local photographers arrived to spread the love! Mindy and her adorable hubbie, Mike, served the world’s largest pizza and we enjoyed drinking wine by the fire pit. All in all, it was a perfect day and we feel so honored to have been spoiled by three wedding photographers who we greatly admire and respect.
This past Monday, we headed off to Las Vegas for our annual convention for 5 days. We participated in two of them”¦WPPI, the world’s largest group of wedding and portrait photographers at the Paris Hotel (10,000 in attendance!) and DWF, an intimate group of 600 photographers across the road at the Westin. We had the honor of being invited to several exclusive GTGs, dinners and parties and socialized with the world’s best wedding photographers. We arrived back home yesterday morning, oozing new information and inspiration. (and lots of new gear purchased at the tradeshow!)
Oh, and I should mention that in between all of the parties and learning, we shot three weddings, 2 engagement sessions, and a couple’s session in Vegas! Stay tuned for gazillions of pics.
To start it off, here are a few images of the Geros and the Riedys.




  • Paul Gero - Very cool! Thanks you guys for spending time with US and photographing us too! LOVE the pics of Katie…

    Great to see the pics of the Riedy’s, too…glad they’re now closer to us…

    We need to have another GTG and SOOOON for all of us!

    Paul, Nicki & Kate

  • Heather & Mike - I love your kids photography! Mike says I just want kids so you can take their pictures! I say, what’s wrong with that?

  • Christa - ALL the kids are so precious!

    ::homer simpson voice: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Strawberries!

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