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Sarah and Jason are too cute together! They didn’t stop laughing the whole time we were together during their engagement session. I loved talking cars with Jason. He’s such an expert! I am really looking forward to their wedding this March, especially because they are having a traditional Chinese banquet reception, yum, 10 courses~!

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  • Trista - Wow did such an awesome job!!

  • sarah - They look awesome!! I love them and so does Jason. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest this week!

Jeanne and Erik are the cutest! Some guys are a little hard to break in (some don’t really even want to be there) but, not Erik! He was so into it! Lucky, Jeanne. Wink. From the very first second we met up on the tram leading up to the Getty Center in Brentwood, these two were on their game. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer back at the Rococco Room in Pasadena.

  • Jeanne and Erik - Cat and Adi,
    We love the pictures!!!!!! They turned out so good! Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures and such a fun time at the Getty!

What a week we’re having!
Four engagement sessions, one boudoir shoot (you won’t get to see that one), one baby portrait and a wedding!! Wow! All in seven days. Stay tuned for all the blog entries…

Hope that you all are enjoying our brand new website. In case you don’t see it (you might still see the old one), try clearing your cache”¦ Also, thanks for all the congrats emails! Don’t be shy, leave us some love here in our comments section.

Here we have the adorable Marisol and Junior! We had a great time cruising Santa Monica with them. Their wedding is going to be the bomb next month! Ceremony is at the exquisite Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in Downtown Los Angeles and the reception is at the fabulous Biltmore Hotel.

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  • Marisol - Cat & Adi – we had such a great time last weekend! You made it so easy and made us look fantastic. We can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding!

It’s a special day for Adi and I, here at Next Exit Photography. We have finally launched our brand new gorgeous website and taken down ole faithful, which served us so well over the last five years. I know how many of you have commented over the years how much you loved it! But, hopefully, you’ll love the new one even more!!
It’s a totally new look, a more modern design and it shows off our work (we think) in a beautiful way. We had to search through almost 200 weddings and 200,000 images to pick some of our faves. We’ll be adding more images in the future, so please keep checking in!
Thank you to Nanette, Aubrey, Christa, Vince, Tara, Bree, and Becky, those of you who helped us with your incredibly insightful  comments in the beta phase.
Stay tuned for our new portrait site, launching in the next month. And, of course the official opening of the Next Exit Photography Portrait Studio!!
Also, thanks so much to my amazingly talented brother, Jeff Krantz, who wrote and recorded the songs, “Stina’s Song” and “Fortune Cookie” just for our website!!! Jeff lives in New York City and is currently seeking representation for his beautiful songs, which he writes and performs. IMHO, he is the next Jack Johnson. Come on Next Exit blog readers, somebody hook a brotha’ up!

  • angel - i LOVE the new site!! the music is the perfect tempo to go with the gorgeous, fresh, & fun images. i think you chose some wonderful photos to showcase. lots of congrats to you both! 😀

  • Jen - Looks fantastic!!

  • Aubrey - I love your new website!! What a great picture of the two of you and of course, your photographs are incredible!! And Cat, your brother sounds amazing!!

  • Christa "cpsocal) - I was so delighted to help out and I’m so appreciative that you asked for my opinion on it! It looks amazing and I agree with Aubrey, the pic on there of you two is fabulous! And your brother rocks! 🙂

  • Nanette - The site looks fabulous! And I was wondering whose music that was on your site! Love it!

  • Trista - Cat!! Your site looks fantastic! It was so fun hanging out with you and Adi today! Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Becky - FABULOUS!!!! I love it, and the music — amazing! Beautiful. You guys are the Best!

  • Heather & Mike - Love it! Everything is perfect, just like you guys!

  • Karin - Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how fabulous the new website looks! And I’m loving the pics of the both of you. Not only are you guys awesome photographers, but you’re also very photogenic! =)

  • Rosie - Awesome new website!!!! I like the format and the new picture of you both. Good luck and lots and lots of business this year!!!

Megan and David met at LMU where we photographed their super fun e-pics. I have to admit that I thought that I blogged this session before we left for Europe and only realized today that we had been remiss in our duties! Sorry, guys, I’m such a dork!
Anyways, we had such a blast with them rolling in the grass and climbing hilltops and breaking into classrooms at their alma mater. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club this August!
P.S. We LOVED our sushi treat. Thank you guys so much! It was yummalicious.

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  • Megan - You guys are the best- we had such a fun afternoon with you! Thanks so much, glad you liked the sushi! 🙂

We are so close.

The electrical is finished, the interior walls are painted, new windows are in, the lights, speakers and projector are installed, and the fan spins…

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Next Exit Photography Studio and a BRAND NEW NEXT EXIT WEBSITE!!!

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