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Adi and I found out that another husband and wife photography team was going to be in Paris at the same time as us. It was none other than Brooks and Leigh Whittington from Dallas, Texas. As photographers, I can’t tell you how important it is for us to be in front of the camera as well as behind it every now and again.
We arrived in Paris from London at 2pm, jumped onto the Metro (where I did my make-up), rolled our suitcase up the cobblestone street about a half a mile to our cute hotel right next to the Pantheon, gave hugs, changed our clothes and started shooting. We took turns, switching off holding each other’s cameras while shooting each other until the sun was completely gone. Here are the results of our photographs. Check out their blog to see pics of us. I haven’t seen them yet as we didn’t allow each other to see the back of the camera at any point during the shoot and I am totally scared because we haven’t had our photo taken since our wedding almost 5 years ago. Anyways, B&L are such wonderful, sweet people and we felt honored to work with them.

  • Jay - Tout les photos sont tres cool!

  • Heather & Mike - These photos are awesome, but the photos of you two – WOW!!!!

Emma and Hovik were the perfect couple to end our 2006 season. Adorable, sweet and kind, we just loved hanging out with them on their wedding day. Emma was exquisite from head to toe. Just look at those eyes!! It was such a fun day and the huge Armenian families had the time of their lives dancing and singing and showering the couple with love (and dollar bills). You know how Adi and I LOVE weddings with tradition. From the dowry presentations, to the knife laden door guard, to the post-ceremony dove release and then off to the beautifully ornate grand ballroom with several money dances and a fabulous Armenian band. Don’t get me started on the food. The courses never ended!!
Especially memorable was out trip to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden in Arcadia (despite the goose poo everywhere). If you haven’t visited with your family for a picnic or a walk, go now! What a beautiful corner of paradise! We were so thankful that the weather was kind to us, but even more so that the Ginko trees were bursting full with their yellow leaves.

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  • Emma - Hi Cat and Adi,

    Thank you for the beautiful wedding photos! They are all gorgeous. I don’t think anyone would have done better. (My friends were all impressed). You made our wedding day very special.

    Emma and Hovik

  • Mark and Inesa - Hi Emma and Hovik,

    The pictures look beautiful and amazing. We had a blast at your wedding and are very happy to have been part of your wedding.

    Inea and Mark

  • Karine Armen - Beautiful photos. Great models.

  • Narine & George - Amazing photos. You guys did an awesome job!!! Emma looks spectacular in all the photos (you already know that Em!) I will definately recommend you guys to anyone who is looking for great photographers. Em thanks for having us share your wonderful day with you and Hovik.

  • Mania - WWWOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!
    These are the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen. Emma you look AMAZING!!

Our fabulous groom, Elliott Wilson, is one of the creators/executive producers of a “cool, zany, smart, hilarious new reality show,” ego trip’s The (white) Rapper Show, says Elliot’s loyal and loving wife, Danyel Smith, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Vibe Magazine. Click here for showtimes.
Click here to see our photographs of their wedding published last year in the Knot Magazine.
We miss you guys!!!

As some of you know, Cat and I just moved into a new house/studio. For the past week, my life has consisted of my usual obsessive devotion to my computer and my work, as well dodging and weaving around the newly erected box city that is currently substituting for a home. Work and unpacking…that’s about it. So, Cat says to me last night, “You should get out more. Maybe take some pictures for fun. You know, an art project.” Of course I responded that I had too much work to do.

I never thought that I would be that guy who works and works and works, and then works some more. So, today, in an effort to not be that guy, I took a few moments and stepped outside my office…

…and got a far as my backyard. My new backyard. With my amazing new garden. Here are some of my first “impressions.”

Heather and Michael are the kind of clients that wedding photographers dream about. They really wanted to hire us and made that extremely evident throughout the booking process. We were a perfect fit. They sent us happy, loving notes throughout the past year and their engagement session was true perfection at Dodger Stadium.
The wedding, a week before Christmas, was a killer party. What started out as somewhat of a gloomy day weather-wise, turned into the perfect lighting situation for our semi-rainy portrait session in Downtown Los Angeles.
The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the City Club on Bunker Hill in the Wells Fargo Center. It was decorated in true Christmas splendor and the flowers by our buddy Kerim were the perfect color pallet and design. Coordination by the sweethearts at the Go To Gals made everything as smooth as butter. The USC group, SoCal VoCals, kicked some a cappella butt and the Beatles cover band, Imagining the Beatles, made everybody wannna twist and shout.
This was our second to last wedding of “Ëœ06. Stay tuned for one last ’06 entry! (better late than never!)

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  • Heather & Mike - OH MY GOSH! We are so thrilled with these pictures!!! Cat & Adi, you were a dream and we were so honored to have you as our photographers – you’re definitely the official Spohr Family Lensmen! We can’t wait to see the rest. We hope you had a great trip to Europe!

  • Auntie Lynn - These wonderful pictures reflect EXACTLY what we felt at the wedding: love, fun, beauty, brilliance, laughter, music, celebration,and honor for the grandparents who started it all. I’m so glad I’m related to you! Happiness always! Auntie Lynn

  • Linda & Kirk - Cat & Adi the pictures so far are fabulous and these are only the teasers. You captured the moments beautifully. Heather and Mike are a gorgeous couple!

Adi and I just got back last night after the most phenomenal European vacation of our lives. It was so hard to decide what to blog first”¦of the hundreds of amazing family photos from our time in London and the English countryside, the Texas shoot-out in Paris between Next Exit Photography and our friends, Leigh and Brooks Whittington, amazing wedding photojournalists from Dallas who happened to be there at the same time as us, or this exceptional engagement shoot with our contest winners, Kelly and Nicolas.
K&N go first. When they entered the Next Exit competition, they sent in a photo of themselves kissing, so we had no idea what they looked like or what to expect from them. But, their amazing story spoke volumes of their personalities and that’s why they won. Well, as you will see here, they were naturals. Kelly is a TV producer, but I think that she actually belongs in front of the camera! She and Nic are the perfect pair, so in love and were such amazing sports as we wove through the streets of Montmartre, the rain and the cold were not a deterrence, sometimes they even went without jackets. We hit it off with them like we were old friends and hopefully we will be able to work with them (and their family?) again in the near future (wink, wink).
A quick plug: Next Exit Photography is available for destination wedding photography and portraits around the globe.
Let us know if you are interested in getting a quote. 

  • Kelly - Cat and Adi, we don’t know how to thank you enough. The pictures look amazing and we had the best time with you guys (even on a chilly day)! You two are true artists and really wonderful people. I am telling everybody I know to call you for all of their photography needs! You are awesome!!!!!

  • Dani - Bellisima!!

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