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Adi and I arrived in London a couple of hours ago and have since been going through the entries and picked the winner of our “Most Embarrassing Story Competition!” Congrats to Kelly Shacklett!! We can’t wait to meet you on the second of January!
We loved reading though all of the tales and we thank everybody who participated. We are going to have more competitions in the near future, so please keep checking the blog for announcements.
Next Exit was very fortunate to receive a bunch of internet publicity regarding our little challenge and were even featured on Go London: and WeddingBee. How cool is that!
Anyways, our winning story is amazing and we cannot wait to meet this amazing couple in Paris.
Click more to read. It’s totally worth it making it through to the end!!
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  • Christa - Sounds like a scene out of the next Bridget Jones movie! Poor thing, but woo hoo for meeting future husband 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your vacation. Romans parents got very teary when they received the pic’s of Rylie! Thank you again for everything

  • Jelena - Congratulations Kelly! Great story :)!

  • Lynn - Wow, that is such a sweet story. They are very deserving winners. Hope you and Adi are enjoying your vacay!

Adi and I will be in London and Paris for 12 days and would like to keep our creative juices flowing across the Atlantic.
So, we are offering a FREE ENGAGEMENT OR FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION while we are abroad.
We may choose more than one winner, so make sure to send in your entries asap!
London shoot date: December 27th
Paris shoot dates: January 2nd or 3rd
How to win? Email Cat YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING STORY and a photo of yourself and your contact information in Europe.
We will post the winner (and most fabulous stories) on the blog on Christmas Day.
Winners will receive a 1-2 hour urban portrait shoot and a $200 print credit!!!
Anybody is eligible”¦ even other photographers! So, tell your friends”¦!

Tim and Shauna ooze coolness. I mean, come on! Take a look at these amazing engagement photos!!!
The week after we got back from Hawaii, we flew to Las Vegas to shoot this amazing couple on the streets of Sin City. They are LV locals, and booked us over the phone, so I recommended that we take advantage of their home court and really get to know each other! We had the best time cruising all over town. It was a long day (almost 6 hours of shooting) but we knew that we were getting so many “money shots” it was hard to stop. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, California this spring!

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  • Christa - Those are fantastic!!

    p.s. If they need any vendor recommedations please forward them my email!

  • Shauna - (edited for content)

    The pics are fantastic! I love them. Talk to you soon!

  • Allison - Those are amazing pics and so is the couple! I love the vibrant colors!!

  • Tim - You guys are amazing! These pics are better than we could ever have imagined. We cant wait to see the album and 9up. We can’t tell you how glad we are that we waited to book photographers because if we jumped the gun, like we almost did, we wouldn’t have gotten the best. We had a blast with you guys during the shoot and can not wait to do it all over for the wedding on St. Pattys Day. Cat and Adi ROCK!!!!!!!!

During our stay in Hawaii, I met Rikki, a local Hawaiian beauty who just happened to be engaged! She and I hit it off immediately. As we had extended our stay a few few days after Tara and Jerry’s wedding, we offered to shoot an engagement session for Rikki and her fiancé, George, a member of the local band, Ka`ala Boys. They will hopefully be bringing us out to Maui to be their wedding photographers this Spring! We loved photographing this amazing couple and I know that we are now going to be friends for life. They were up for anything, from the cemetery in Haleiwa to the sandy beach in front of Haleiwa Joe’s Seafood Grill (the best Happy Hour in town!)
We’re so lucky that we have the best job in the world and get to meet the coolest people ever!

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  • Rikki - Aloha from Hawaii!!

    I hope you remember us, Rikki and George. Wow, your family is sooo beautiful!! I can’t believe how time flys by so fast. Well since the last time we saw you,almost five years ago…we are finally doing it! I can’t believe it took us this long to finally set a date, but we did. It’s in two months. It’s going to be really small with our closest family and loved ones. I wish it was going to be in Maui like we wanted, and have you guy here to capture in our most precious moments, but so many things have changed and we have to make do within our means.

    I was wondering how we can get a hold of some of the photos you took of us on the North Shore. It would be great to showcase your work. I know it was a while ago, but I still love looking at what you two did, especially because it was my first experience with professional photographers. Will you please let me know what I can do to get copies of those photos?

    I hope things are going great with your family and your business! Looking at all your photo gallery, I feel very privileged to have been able to be a small part of it! You guys do very fun and beautiful work together, and I hope it keeps flourishing!


It was a blast shooting post wedding photographs in Hawaii with Tara and Jerry. First, we found an abandoned old building (just next to an old-age home, we think) in the North Shore. Then, we headed to the Waimea Falls Park, a must see for all visitors. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. The one-mile hike each way was kinda rough, but we made it”¦ Make sure to wear mosquito repellant, I got eaten alive! Then, we ended up catching the last seconds of the sunset on Sunset Beach. Gorgeous!!!

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