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Rachel and Eric: the Skirball Center

Rachel and Eric’s wedding is one that I will not soon forget. We started out the day in Southern California Wedding Photographer bliss. Blue skies with puffy clouds, a killer location (the Skirball Center in Bel Air) and a super adorable couple. Rachel shared with me that her wedding hair dresser had shaved Britney Spear’s head two days before. Holy cow! My buddy, Mark Herrier, at Fleurs du Jour, did all of the florals and even built a custom chuppah.
Most of our blog readers know that I will pretty much do “anything” to get a good shot. And, we have noticed, that our clients feel the same way! This wedding was no exception, as we all hiked down a rocky river bed, filled with scratchy twigs and lots of dirt. Rachel had a huge smile on her face the entire time! As the reception neared conclusion, it started to pour rain. In a shy and quiet voice, I asked the B&G”¦”any chance that you guys are up for playing in the rain?” Within moments, we all flew outside and they danced, and danced and danced, while I clicked away, knowing it would be a memory for a lifetime.

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  • Rachel and Eric - Oh, how we have longed for this moment! After reloading your site 800 times a day, here we are, and the pictures are so perfect! Cat, you’re some kind of genius. The one of Eric stuffing his face is classic. 🙂

  • Stephanie Christopher - These pictures are wonderful! As Eric and Rachel’s aunt, I really enjoyed them. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    Thank you.

  • Heather & Mike - Cat, shy and quiet? I don’t believe it!

    These pictures are gorgeous!

  • Tracy, Craig and Lily - Love the pictures! Looking forward to the rest. Rachel, you looked so beautiful.

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