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San and Alejandro

San and Alejandro chose the perfect venue for their wedding ceremony and reception. The Wilshire Ebell Club of Los Angeles is one of the cities most historic clubhouses, founded in 1894! With the helping hands of an amazing coordinator, Jennifer Koohbanani of Divine Details Event Consulting and the darling Melissa Allen, Director of Catering and Special Events, every detail was planned to perfection. The flowers by My Wedding Blooms, a delicious cake from Porto’s Bakery, an amazing videography team, brothers Joe and Salvador Sanchez from Lightbox Digital, a killer mariachi band, a scrumptious Chocolate Fountain, a live performance by a crooner, and the ceremony preformed by Ale’s dad, all made this event so special and unique. As the couple didn’t see each other before the ceremony, we had to be creative during the romantic photos of the two of them. So, we basically stepped out into traffic in the middle of Wilshire Blvd. to get these amazing pics! (do not try this without the supervision of a trained wedding photographer)

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  • San - What a wonderful one month anniversary surprise! I absolutely love the pictures. Thank you so much for a great, very memorable wedding experience. I don’t think I’ve ever had a photographer ask me, “how adventurous are you?” Luckily we got our shot without any police involvement! You guys are the best!!!

  • Alejandro - My wife (still a little hard to get used to saying) has been checking out the blog everyday waiting for us to pop up . . .

    Needless to say, we are so happy! Cat & Adi did an amazing job and battled through some tough circumstances. Everything from rapidly losing daylight due to a late start (my family was running on Phillipino time), Cat being ordered to “MOVE!” by my camera-crazy aunt so she could get a better shot (Sorry Cat), to Cat actually commandeering a passing vehicle to shine their headlights on us so we could get a better shot.

    You guys are the best. THANK YOU.

  • Tam - San and Ale: These pictures are incredible! Love them!

    San: My little cousin’s married! ;-P

    Ale: Welcome to the family! We love you lots!

  • Paula Ochoa - These photos capture the magic of the day! I must also point out that you had some rather stunning subjects!

  • Gloria Ochoa - These photos are incredible! One can relive the moments captured just by looking at them. I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection. San and Ale, you are a beautiful couple. The Wilshire Blvd shots have to be the stuff that win photo contests! Love you. Mom.
    P.S. It wasn’t just the Filipinos who delayed the wedding. 🙂

  • Corazon Niwase - San and Ale: What a beautiful couple you are and how fortunate to have such wonderful friends! I sure missed a lot. I have not seen anything like it here in Japan. Lots of love, Auntie Cora

  • Kristoffer Megino - Ale, the pictures are absolutely stunning and San extremely radiant. You weren’t to shabby yourself cousin =) Your love for each other truly comes across in these photos. We wish you guys the best!

    BTW: Your lucky it was Wilshire and not a Manila Blvd street in the P.I, could you imagine that shot?

  • Donna - BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL! SUPERB! over-the-top! naks na man! The pictures are all so elegant with soft touched details and of course, FUN! They definitely capture the personalities of you two and atmosphere of the evening.
    Yup, I love the pictures they came out perfect, perfect enough to retell your precious day for many years to come!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I enjoyed your wedding and you know it. Love you!

    P.S. I am hiring them for mine! =) haha

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