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Stop Bringing Next Exit Treats

Okay, this is a message going out to all of our beautifully wonderful and generous clients. STOP bringing us treats.
I have now eaten my 18th Sprinkles Cupcake, 12th empanada and bazillionth candy treat this week. You are all very mean people and on a secret mission to get Adi and me really fat. We do love each and every one of you, but we’re trying to be good! So, you are all cut off. (for now) 😉

  • Christa - I love this pic of you! (Sigh, I have yet to try the infamous Sprinkles ! So have one for me and the baby !)

  • Heather & Mike - Oh, if you don’t want your cupcakes, I will come to your house and take them off your hands!

  • Ken and Karen - But they’re so good! Once they hit your lips, they’re so good! j/k =P

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