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Thank you to our Next Exit Family!

Adi and I are grinning from ear to ear. As most of you know, the two of us have built Next Exit Photography over the last four years without spending one dollar on advertising. All of our business comes to us from the word of mouth, of our clients and friends, weddings guests, vendors, venues, published work, etc. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible team of support! Due to the incredible support you give, we booked four weddings this week, each so amazing in their own way.

#1 is a couple that we have never met! They had heard about us through the grapevine and took a leap of faith. How cool!
#2 is adorable and sweet. We booked this couple’s wedding on the spot. That doesn’t happen very often in wedding photography world, but when it does, it is always meant to be. The fabulous bride wrote us a note that arrived today, “If only all the other decisions we need to make in the coming months are as easy as choosing Next Exit for our photography, then this wedding planning business should be a piece of cake.” How awesome is that!
#3 A couple who was referred to us by their florist, Val Eule. Their wedding is on a Tuesday in TWO weeks! Besides being amazingly talented, Val is a long time friend of our family and attended our own wedding four years ago! Thanks, Val!
#4 A couple we met with almost two weeks ago came back to hire us! The fabulous groom writes, “It really wasn’t a tough decision for us at all, we think you guys are great (and very talented). Insert smiley face.”

WOW! Could we be more excited or what!!? We are so lucky to do what we do AND have the coolest clients in the world! On another note, Next Exit Kids is starting to take off! … Be sure to book your family or children’s portrait session in time so that we can design your Next Exit Holiday Cards!

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