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The McDonough Family

The Little Italy District of New York City celebrates the San Gennaro Festival every year and Los Angeles is now throwing its own event to raise money for several of its charitable programs. Lead by Jimmy Kimmel, the non-profit foundation promotes culture, art and philanthropy for the youth of our city. Adi and I donated a family portrait photography session to help raise money for the organization.
I spent the afternoon with the fabulous McDonough Family. Dad Neal, Preggers Mom Ruvé (a South African native, like me) and Birthday Boy Morgan are no stranger to the camera. Who could forget Dad’s blue eyes as the icy cop in “Minority Report!” (among gazillions of other amazing movies)
I kept mumbling to myself as I was snapping that this entire family belongs in a GAP ad, and then Ruvé tells me that Neal was a GAP model two years ago! It was hard not to get incredible photographs out of this crew. I hope that I’ll get to take maternity photos of Ruvé as well as the new additional to the McDonough Family next year.

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