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Wedding Bee: the one and only…Mrs. Bee!!

I was so truly honored to be a part of a Wedding Bee GTG last Sunday with a bunch of Bees, Bride2bes, readers and the creator, owner, main blogger, wedding star, wedding guru…(should I continue? I could go on all day) of the Wedding Bee site.

I feel completely embarrassed because I had sent Bee the images straight out of my camera with no processing, retouching or love and with a dinky copyright line that my image viewer does in pink. Adi was like, “How could you!”
So, when I saw the images posted on her blog, I was like, uh oh. So, here are a few of them with a little Next Exit love and cuddle.

Also, I need to add that Bee and Miss Glitter went to the same high school as me!!! Weird small world!

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