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New York Portrait Photography | Kate and Len

So, I have to admit something. Adi and I were graciously sponsored by three of our New York couples to fly out and shoot their engagement sessions last month.
We DID make a mini holiday out of it (Clara especially loved the pizza and the Natural History Museum) and had a grand ole time with my brother and FUTURE sister-in-law, who live in the Village. (Still looking for a photographer, anybody know one?)
This is the fourth shoot of the journey and this is how we met Kate & Len (who I am pretty sure I called Glen for the entire shoot on that very rainy day in Soho.)

Adi, Clara and I chatted up a table of adorable New Yaaaukers at dinner one night and the convo went something like this (very condensed for your reading pleasure)….

Them, “What a cute baby!”
Us, “Thanks! She’s still on Los Angeles time, hence the awakeness at 11 pm New York time.”
Them, “Oh! That’s awesome, are you here for pleasure or work?”
Us, “We’re here for both. We’re photographers and shooting a bunch of engagement sessions.”
Them, “Oh! We just got married in Mexico a couple of months ago.”
Me (Adi wouldn’t dare), “Does you dress still fit?”
Them, “Um, I think so?”
Us, “Let us shoot you tomorrow!”
Them, “OKAY!”

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  • johnwaire | photo - B&W thru the handrails is my favorite!!!

  • Judy - Ohhh so jealous. Love these NYC shots. I love the one where he is dipping her and you can see the Yellow Cab in the background. You’ve caught the essence on NYC.

  • Yuka photo art - Beautiful “after wedding” session! Her dress is just wow!
    And location….love it!

  • Alice Hu - These are awesome! Loved the story too.

  • Carolina - OMG these pictures are STUNNING!!! I love to check out your blog. You always have amazing stuff 🙂

  • NY - What a cute couple…the PLAY shot is very New York. Glad you enjoyed the city so much to see…so little time 🙂

  • Cat - Thanks so much! I had a blast shooting it!! xoxo cat

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